How To Make The Most Of Your Pregnancy In The Last Trimester

How To Make The Most Of Your Pregnancy In The Last Trimester

Ask any mother and you’ll know that pregnancy is the most memorable time of your life. Before embarking on the roller coaster journey that we call motherhood, you have very little but very special time all to yourself.

Because it is a time like no other, you must not spend all of it lying around (although that is important too!), but you must get up on your swollen feet to make the most of it. Here’s how:

Make a Decision about Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a miracle in itself, but it may not always suit all parenting lifestyles; therefore, not all mothers go for it. Speak to your partner about the joys, benefits, and challenges of breastfeeding and make a decision. If you intend to breastfeed, plan ahead to avoid disappointment about being unable to breastfeed after your bundle of joy arrives.

It is helpful to consult a lactation expert to enlighten you about different ways (like pumping) to incorporate breastfeeding in your routine. Stock up your wardrobe with breastfeeding-friendly dresses and washcloths to help you in the initial weeks. If you plan against breastfeeding, choose a healthy formula option for your baby after consulting an expert.

Prepare the Nursery

The nesting instinct must have taken over you by now, so it is best to get done with all of the nursery decoration. Focus more on comfort rather than design, and furnish the nursery with a comfy sofa or bed, or a plush seat to help you settle during feed times.

A changing table and a rack to store all baby essentials would be helpful. Make the crib as safe and secure as possible; ask an expert to help you prepare the bedding to keep your baby safe during bedtime. Choose very light colors to give the nursery a warm and relaxing feel.

Capture Memories of Your Pregnancy

This time will pass in the blink of an eye, so start capturing memories of your pregnancy in the last trimester. Start with writing a journal on a daily basis; record whatever you feel, especially when you are overflowing with emotions. A journal from your pregnancy will be a memory to cherish and will help you during tough parenting episodes also.

Another great idea is to record the highs and lows of your maternity period with photos. Options such as maternity photos with Picture People can help capture the memories and excitement of maternity to evoke the feeling of anticipation and joy for years to come. While maternity photography can be intimidating for some mothers, photo shoot professionals can make them feel beautiful and comfortable.

Meet Up With Friends

Once your needy and greedy little one arrives you will not find time to do the dishes; let alone meeting friends. So take up this opportunity and spend some quality time with your friends. Go out, socialize, and have a great time because you won’t be able to do it for a long time after you start nesting with your baby.

It will be a good idea to exchange tips with other mommies to help you tackle the challenges of early motherhood. Do not forget to ask your good friends to drop by to help you once the baby arrives.

Catch Up On Sleep

Third trimester sleep is a pain, but it is the most relaxing time you will have in years. Take the opportunity and enjoy your last few weeks of undisturbed relaxation. Invest in a pregnancy pillow to get you comfortable in bed and enjoy your sleep as much as you can.

Relax your mind by meditating occasionally; pregnancy yoga is a great way to get you prepared for labor and the fourth trimester with the baby.


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