Inspry Socks – Spread Positive Messages With your Socks

Inspyr Socks Spread Positive Messages

I received a few pairs of Inspyr socks to facilitate my review.

Inspyr socks are so fabulous and better yet, they spread a positive message. My personal favorite are the Inspyr socks that say Confident all over them, totally fab way for me to spread my confidence around. These socks are super soft, comfy and easy to pull on your feet!

Inspyr Socks Spread Positive Messages

Each pair of Made in the USA Inspyr socks comes with a message of positivity, depending upon which style you choose. Selections include Focused, Train Hard, Step Up and more. With price ranges between $10.00 and $14.00 plus customize options, you can’t go wrong!

Cawley created the brand in order to “give back” to a world that has been so abundant with opportunities. His ironic inspiration for Inspyr Socks came when he was traveling with his wife and commented on a t-shirt that featured a derogatory comment. In that moment John turned to his wife and said, “There’s got to be a better message we can send to our youth.” John realized that he could put affirmative messages on clothing to remind people of their potential and goals.

“Similar to the concept of auto-suggestive thinking, I want people to wear and read our Inspyr Socks messages and remind themselves daily about what they want out of life. Think positive; become positive. Think success and become successful,” said Cawley.

Inspyr Socks are 62 percent polyester, 21 percent nylon, 15 percent cotton and 2 percent spandex. The socks feature heel and toe reinforcement with arch support and retain their form-fitting shape wash after wash. All socks are available in youth shoe sizes 12 to 3 and in adult shoe sizes 8 to 13.

These Inspyr socks are made in Pennsylvania, USA which is where the facility moved to making them instead of Asia in March 2015. With a positive message, comfortable fit and soft high quality sock, you can’t go wrong choosing your positive message with Inspyr socks; I say get some for your kids to encourage positive little humans.

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