Should I Choose a Gas or Electric Stove?

Gas or Electric Cooker?

With so many options on the marketplace, choosing between the various models can seem like a daunting task, but the decision-making process begins with a single choice: gas or electric? Each of these oven type is a capable all-around choice, but both present their own set of strengths and weaknesses that may make one option the better choice for a given kitchen.

Electric Oven

The main advantage to an electric oven is that it is much less expensive to purchase and install than a gas oven for most kitchens. Electric ovens require only a suitable power outlet to work, and their flat tops make them easier to clean as well for added convenience. Electric stoves turn on and off instantly and consistently, unlike gas stoves which rely on combustion, making them a popular choice for families with small children, and the dry heat it generates is also preferable for baking.

OF course, the drawback to an electric stove is that it is vulnerable to power outages, surges, and brownouts. The burners of an electric stove are also much slower to cool down after they are turned off, and the lack of an open flame is a limitation for some users as well.

Gas or Electric Cooker?

Gas Ranges

Where the strength of electric ovens is their low expense, gas ovens have high levels of functionality and sustainability on their side. Gas ovens are accessible even without electricity, making them a good choice for areas that frequently experience outages. Although gas ovens are more expensive to buy initially, they are cheaper long term thanks to the availability and low cost of natural gas, and Harvey Norman has the Blanco freestanding cooker and other gas ovens in stock today.

Gas ovens enable cooks to easily gauge and adjust the level of heat by manipulating the flames, and these flames also heat the sides and bottom of food vessels to decrease overall cooking time. They also provide the ability to change temperature much more quickly while emitting less ambient heat than electric stoves.

While gas ovens may be more expensive as an initial investment and require a slightly higher level of care as compared to an electric stove, they also present their own set of advantages. The truth is that there is no objectively superior type of oven, and the best model for your kitchen depends on your specific needs.


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