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In terms of American history, Boston is definitely one of the most important cities. It played a prominent role in the Revolutionary War and the founding of the United States. Because of this, Boston is one of the best cities to visit if you have a love for history. After all, without the famous Boston Tea Party, history might have been written quite differently. If you are planning on going to Boston at some point in the future, do yourself a favor and visit the website called Hipmunk to find the best deals on hotels in the area. This site can also help you save on airfare. Here are some helpful tips to make your Boston trip a success.

1. Fenway Park

Along with being a historic landmark and the home of the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park is a baseball shrine. Opening its doors for the first time in 1912, it is the second oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball. Only Wrigley Field in Chicago is older, opening in 1908. The amount of legendary players who have set foot on this field is truly astonishing. Although the stadium has gone through some changes in recent years, such as seats being added above the Green Monster in left field, much of Fenway Park remains the same as it was decades ago. If you want a ticket to a Red Sox game, you will have to buy it from the secondary market. It is a small stadium and every game is always completely sold out.

2. Cambridge

Cambridge is the home of both Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, two of the most famous and important colleges in the world. In order to get there, you will just need to take a quick trip across the Charles River. The area is a big tourist hangout, with plenty of places to grab a bite to eat while you are there. You can also take a tour of the Longfellow House. This was the home of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, one of the most important and influential poets in American history. This house was also used by George Washington while the Siege of Boston was going on.

3. Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

The aforementioned Boston Tea Party was a turning point in American history. The impact of the event had lasting implications on the course of the country. The history of this famous event and the people who participated in it are on full display in the Boston Harbor. You will find a museum that chronicles every aspect of that night’s fateful events. You will also be able to tour ships that are exact replicas of the ones that were involved in the actual incident.

4. Old North Church

All children learn in their history classes about the legendary ride of Paul Revere to warn people that the British were coming. Another pivotal moment was the signal that was given from the Old North Church that set in motion the events that would eventually help to give the United States independence from Great Britain. In 1775, a pair of lanterns were placed in the steeple, allowing Revere to know that the British were coming by way of the sea. This is the oldest church in Boston and regular services are still held there.

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