3 SeaWorld® Kids Educational Apps for your Children (iPhone and iPad)

SeaWorld® Kids 3 Educational Fun Apps for Children

3 Educationally Fun Apps from SeaWorld® Kids

I have just been told about three educational apps available on iPhone and iPad for you to enjoy during holiday break with your children. For starters, SeaWorld® Kids has me sharing with you the Penguins Playground app where your child can watch videos of the penguins in their natural habitat, read along in e-books that highlight the words as you read along, memory matching games, puzzles and much more to keep your child learning while having fun.  This app is free and rated for ages 4+.

Download SeaWorld® Kids Penguins Playground today!

Polar Bear Playground

Another free app that SeaWorld® Kids has for your child to enjoy during holiday break is the Polar Bear Playground. Have fun doing about the same you can do with the Penguins Playground app such as puzzles with 4 difficulty levels, e-books that highlight the words as you read along as well as coloring activities with special stickers. This is a free app available for both iPhone and iPad. Rated for ages 4+.

Download SeaWorld® Kids Polar Bear Playground today!

Baby Animals App

Last but absolutely not least is the SeaWorld® Kids educational activity app Baby Animals: Cute and Cuddly Baby Animals. In this app your child can experience newborn animals and learn about them as they read along or play along with activities such as puzzles, coloring and memory/matching games to help encourage a love of animals as well as educating your child on newborn animals. This is a fun app for holiday break and since it’s free, I know you must download it to your iPhone or iPad as soon as possible to continue working your child’s brain during holiday break.

Download SeaWorld® Kids Baby Animals: Cute and Cuddly Baby Animals today!

Which of these apps do you think your child will be most interested in?

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  1. My kids love SeaWorld, so I know this app is going to go over big with them. I love that they can have fun while they learn!

  2. I don’t have any small children (only teens) so I am not sure they would be interested in these apps but I do like that there are apps for younger children to learn about animals and their habitats.

  3. Ong how awesome is this!!! I never even k ew SeaWorld had apps! We took my princess to SeaWorld over the summer and she absolutely loved it so I really need to look more into these apps!!

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