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I am a super thrifty shopper which means I tend to go to a thrift store for kids clothing, but for myself I will often search for online discount codes such as this Sephora discount code where you can save money and get free products with purchases of $25 or more. For a mom who wants to be fashionable but also frugal, finding online discount codes is the way to go, but for today, I will share my story of shopping the local thrift store for my children’s clothing:

I recently went on the look out for new clothes for my two sons who are growing like weeds. The place I always check first is our local thrift store. Next I check a couple local consignment shops. Our local thrift store is also where I took Ki school shopping, she was surprised to find a few things there just her size and up to her liking!

I love shopping at our local thrift store because I obviously save money, with many kids and a tight budget, thrift stores are an amazing option to have. What I never realized, up until my recent conversation with one of the volunteers there, is that our local thrift shop puts all money earned there back into the town. Most recently purchasing our town a new ambulance! To think, I have been supporting my local community without even realizing it. I was certainly very happy to hear my cash I spend there goes back into the town I love so much.

Giving back to Your Community #12WeeksGiving and

When speaking with this volunteer, I asked if they took donations of clothing. I recently went through my sons’ closets and currently am in possession of a half of a 13 gallon size trash bag full of really good clothing my sons’ outgrew. She said, “yes, that is all we work on is donations”, this store is packed. I couldn’t believe that everything there has been donated. It’s such a great store where I love to search for hidden treasures in on a regular.

I went home so excited about this fact that all money goes back into the town and how this is a really easy, no cost way for us to give back to our community that my daughter Ki is now ready to go through her stuff. She is excited to be getting a bag of items ready to donate to our local thrift store too!

This is just one small way we have found, as a family, to give back to our community when we may not have the cash flow to pay it forward. I am a firm believer in kind gestures being a deeper way to give back to others. So if you are looking for a way to give back to your community, check the local thrift stores {not consignment shops} and speak with the volunteers there, see if they do something similar – where the cash earned goes back into the community or not. It’s a simple way to help others and your town!

12 Weeks of Giving is a Series I am taking part in with, Click here to read prior weeks giving back stories/ideas.

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