We Setup, We Played, We Kissed #TheAmazingZhus

The Amazing Zhus #TheAmazingZhus

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They arrived, The Amazing Zhus™; one Magician Pet and a couple bags of tricks. K-man was excited and so was I. Would this Magician Pet amuse me, impress me? Make me laugh? Make me cry? What would this new toy do for me?

Well … it impressed me. I know, I know it’s all this battery operated stuff and it is a toy, however, this is the coolest toy yet!

The Amazing Zhus #TheAmazingZhus

The Amazing Zhus™ Magician Pets

The Amazing Zhus™ Magician Pets are motorized pets that will amaze your friends as they perform magic tricks and gravity-defying stunts. The Amazing Zhus™ Magician Pets can correctly guess the answers to the Magician’s Cards – without even looking, follow the Magic Wand wherever you lead them, or predict the pea’s location in the Shell Game trick – every time. They even magically find their own way home to the Magician Houses!  These talented pets can also perform stunts – including the High Dive and High Wire acts as well as the disappearing box!

The Amazing Zhus  Stunt Pets

The Amazing Zhus™ Stunt Pets perform astounding acrobatics and gravity defying stunts! They can plunge over 3 feet from the High Dive into a bucket below, brave a Tightrope, run around on Circus Balls, and vanish in a Disappearing Box!

We Played, We Laughed, We Kissed

K-man helped me open up and take all of the pieces out as well as put together the products so we could play! He actually was able to open and put things together better than me, and he is six. I don’t do well with directions. I love the wand, you can use the wand to make your Amazing Zhus follow you. The wand works 6-7 feet away, it’s so adorable. We captured the wand experience on Instagram.

At the end of the YouTube video, K-man kissed his Zhus. What a fun new toy this holiday season!

The Amazing Zhus™ are available at Walmart. Also check out The Amazing Zhus website. Connect with Amazing Zhus on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. Purchase these at Walmart.com/amazingzhus.


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  1. That video is cute! I like this toy too, and I didn’t even know about the wand. I think it might end up on our Christmas shopping list over here.

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