Good People, Make Bad Decisions

Good People Make Bad Choices

I look all over the Internet from Twitter to Facebook to Alexa hot list of links each day, every single day. One thing that I am seeing a lot of is this finger pointing. Did you know that when I was 18 years old that I got a DWI? How about my drinking of alcohol that started well before I even want to admit to anyone, because I know someday my children may read this and they do not need to know an age I started. My children do know that I started drinking alcohol and had sex way too young and it made me go down a rough, nearly self destructive path, but they don’t know an “age” because that just is too much truth/information.

Good people, make bad decisions.

The key to good people making bad decisions, is that good people eventually actually learn from those bad decisions. A good person will make many mistakes in their lifetime. Who doesn’t make mistakes? I guess in my world, I usually go all in or not at all with mistakes, but I do learn from them. This is a lesson I try to teach my children. I do not want my children so wound tight that they don’t think they will ever make a mistake. Seriously. They will. Mistakes will be made, that is if they are outgoing and live life to the fullest, which is what I encourage them to do.

Good people, make bad decisions.

The key to knowing whether someone is a good person or not is to watch their mistakes. If the same person is making the same mistakes over and over again, without showing much remorse by making an effort to change their ways, then? They are not good people. They have an issue. You cannot fix these people. These are the kind of people, who may not be bad people, but are bad to have in your life. Do not make excuses for people who truly just make mistake after mistake and spiral downhill, you deserve better than that.

Good people, make bad decisions.

This is all about those people who truly are good people, they have the best of intentions but made a mistake. I think that we tend to hold others to a higher standard than we hold our own self to. It makes sense, we don’t like being vulnerable, we don’t like to get hurt. It’s hard to accept that our loved ones {be it family or a friend} can actually make a mistake that can hurt us or disappoint us. Humans are so full of error though, in my opinion, it’s what makes life so beautiful and rich.

Good people, make bad decisions.

The next time you want to post on FB or Tweet out on Twitter about someone who made a mistake and vent away in a public forum, why don’t you stop for a moment and think about how you would feel having your dirty laundry aired? I am sure if each one of us looked in to that mirror, we could see our own flaws and realize that we are just like every other human being on this Earth – we all make mistakes, we all make bad decisions.

The point I am trying to make clear is that if we make those same repetitive mistakes over and over again, then we are not falling under that good people, make bad decisions theme. We are broken and need to fix our own self. Teach our children, this next generation, that society places so many stressors on us to be perfect that many cave into those pressures and make bad decisions, but with help and a lot of love those same people can climb back up and be better. They can learn from those bad decisions, we all can.

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  1. Good post, people do make mistakes, all throughout their lives. That’s a good guideline on watching to see repeated patterns too, to determine if someone’s learning from their mistakes.

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