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We did our best to make as many trips this Summer Break as possible, sadly we didn’t make it to our normal spot at York Beach in Maine, but we did venture to the Atlantic Ocean via a State Park in Rye, NH before summer was over. Today, I wanted to take a moment to share with you our trip to the Montshire Museum of Science located in Norwich, VT because that was our final Summer Break trip. We got to meet A T-Rex Named Sue and learn how frogs see us, as well as how dinosaurs saw their world back in the day. It was a fun, learning experience for us all.

A T-Rex Named Sue Montshire Museum of Science

I have never seen a dinosaur this close up, actually I have never seen a dinosaur in my entire life except in books and on documentaries. I was in awe over this T-rex. It was huge and the pictures I took did not do it any justice. I guess this T-Rex Named Sue visits various science museums and is the largest most completely t-rex ever discovered! The measurements of A T-Rex Named Sue? 42 feet (12.8 m) long and 12 feet (3.66 m) high at the hip.

A t rex named sue

We were able to learn hands on about how the T-rex moved their body with displays and this device where you could place your arm in it and only move it based on how T-rex could have moved their arms.

Montshire Museum of Science

The boys had a blast, I loved watching Aj really be intrigued with the dinosaur stuff, as he hasn’t ever shown a huge interest in dinosaurs in the past. It was always my youngest son who loved dinosaurs and honestly, he was the least interested in most of the dino stuff on display.


Shown above, are the boys who took turns looking into this dino head where you could see the world through the dinosaurs eyes, after all T-rex had their eyes in a specific place and so did other dinos, so their world looked much different than ours. It was fun discussing this with the boys, as they asked 100 questions about how the dinosaurs saw and loved explaining how the world looked to them when they peered inside of this device.


Something really cool, that we learned, and remember every day is this device shown above where it allowed you to see yourself as frogs see the world or see you. Basically if you stand still long enough, you disappear in the frogs eye. I love this, because we are hands on with frogs often as they venture onto our yard and now the boys have fun trying to be as still as still can be so the frogs don’t see them. This was something new for me to learn, I hadn’t a clue that if an object is still long enough that it disappears from the frogs vision completely. That is totally cool!

I say this was a fabulous way to end our Summer Break, it intrigued the kids to want to learn more and it was fun! A win-win.


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Written by brandyellen

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) (233 comments)

    That looks like a great museum. It’s a teeny bit too far for us to do it as a day trip, but maybe we should plan a weekend getaway? Hmm?

  2. April (46 comments)

    This looks like an amazing trip. The Frog vision and dino vision are fascinating!

  3. Jaime (23 comments)

    This looks so fun for my husband. I think my son would love it too when he’s a tad older. (But, the kid in my husband would just LOVE it.)

  4. kristin (54 comments)

    Sounds like such a fun day. Days like this are my favorite though because you get to spend those moments together learning!

  5. Debbie L. (21 comments)

    What a fun place – I think it is great that they offer hands on – Davey is so into dinosaurs. I know he would love this!

  6. Tami (7 comments)

    A T-Rex named Sue came to Trinidad a couple years back! We took the kids to see it and they were fascinated. I think I still have pictures of Sue.

    That’s a pretty cool fact about frogs, I’m going to share that with the kids in my class. 🙂

  7. Ann Bacciaglia (113 comments)

    I would love to go to see this. I love the interactive displays. I did not know that is how frogs see. So cool thanks for sharing.

  8. Catherine S (71 comments)

    What a great and fun trip. I bet it was really cool meeting a T-Rex named Sue. The frog vision also sounds interesting.

  9. Pam (152 comments)

    This is so cool! My kids would have loved to see the Dino when they were younger.

  10. Pam (152 comments)

    What a great place to take your family. I can see that it would be a lot of fun. I never knew that about frogs either. I guess that leaves them a little bit defenseless in nature.

  11. Katrina (17 comments)

    this looks like a great museum. My son is obsessed with science so next time we’re up in VT we’ll have to check this out.

  12. Rosey (1066 comments)

    I love these days/kinds of visits too. And dinosaurs really were just HUGE. I’m always amazed at the displays too.