Four Signs Your Son is Ready for Boarding School

You know that your son is struggling to stay in school and away from trouble, but it is difficult to determine when he has crossed that line signifying the need for substantial intervention. One of the best thing you can do for any troubled teen is to remove them from their current environment in which they have failed to thrive. Yet, doing that is incredibly difficult because you don’t want him to feel removed from your life or unwanted in any way.
To help you make this difficult decision, consider four signs that any boy is in need of guidance, protection and direction from a boarding school like Wood Creek Academy:

He has little to no interest in going to school. You can’t get him out of bed in the mornings, he doesn’t apply himself to in-school lessons, and it is difficult to make him complete homework.
He has expressed a desire to leave his home as soon as possible. He doesn’t enjoy his home environment and has voiced a readiness for a change of scenery.
His friends get him into trouble and do not encourage him to stay in school and abide by the law. You are concerned that he will end up in jail or dead if he continues to hang out with the same group of kids. This is especially a red flag if he is hanging out with kids much older than him or adults known for trouble.
He shows no respect for the adults in his life. You know that he doesn’t listen to anything that you say and has an attitude whenever others try to encourage him to do better. If he has no positive role models that he takes seriously and respects, you should consider this a red flag. Every young boy needs positive role models who inspire them to make the right decisions.

If you read these signs and know that your son will benefit from a structured boarding school designed to help troubled teens, put your guilt aside while making the final decision. Christian boarding schools for boys can do amazing things for boys who have yet to find their passion in life, and sending your son to one of those schools in no way means you have failed as a parent. It means you care enough as a parent to allow the professionals at a boarding school to influence your son in a positive manner.

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