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Many people already know I have an addiction to Post-it Brand, I have them all over my desk, the kitchen and on our craft desk. Any possible place that I may need a Post-it Note, you will find a pile of them somewhere. Recently Post-it Brand sent me a bunch of their new lines to assist in making study and back-to-school time a lot more organized, fun and efficient for us!

Post-it Study and Organize

While I am usually really good at offering organizational tips, I tend to be inconsistent in my ways and that is why once I received this product line from Post-it, I decided to check out their own expert tips related to back-to-school routines, advice for parents and kids, homework solutions, study techniques and more. I know we all get flustered when back-to-school season starts, I now have four children to keep up with – homework time can get pretty crazy around here. I am thankful for Post-it Products and their tips as a means to stay on track and not totally lose my mind!

  • Ban cell phones, keep homework area free of distractions and ensure this is consistent each day upon return to home from school as a means to ensure your children DO their homework FIRST and efficiently!
  • A routine is necessary, having an ASD child, means we are all about routines in this home, and I found having a set “do your homework as soon as you arrive home from school” routine for my kiddos has really assisted in ensuring they focus on homework first, play later!
  • Post-it Brand has allowed me to share some study aids, such as the Post-it Brand Study products help students reach academic achievements with items that stick to notebooks, binders and papers to help organize information during homework and study time.
  • Be very clear and consistent about homework time. It’s easy for us to fall off track once arriving home, you know those kids have sat in class all day and the last thing they probably wish to do is sit a bit longer, but if you teach them to get that homework out of the way immediately … they will learn that allows them to have more play time after!

Post-it Fun Products

I love the idea of using the Post-it Brand Super Sticky Die Cut Notes in the special shapes shown above, as a means to give my kids silly love notes. Sure, the older two may not appreciate a note placed in their bag or on it for school, but occasionally it’s fun to give a little happy message to all four kids just to make them smile, even if it’s at home where no peers will no that embarrassing happiness fact!

I love the eyeglasses Post-it Brand notes, super sticky and super cute!

Whatever you are struggling with to stay on track or whatever mission you want Post-it Brand to hep you spread, they are your partner in crime! I say go check out the full line of products at today and Like Post-it Brand on Facebook to keep up to date with their latest product releases.

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