Making Dinner With Healthy Solutions Spice Blends {Review}

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Today I get to share with you a yummy and quick way to add some spice to your every day meals, Health Solution Spice Blends make cooking dinner easier. Why do I say easier, you ask? Oh because I know there have been many occasions when I am in the kitchen trying to cook up dinner using just the right blend of seasonings and end up using too much or too little of a spice. If you do not have the perfect blend, you can totally distort the taste you were trying to gain by using spices to begin with, this is where Healthy Solution Spice Blends can assist!

Healthy Spice Blends Add Flavor to Your Dinner


I was so excited to receive a huge selection of Healthy Solutions Spice Blends for all of my cooking desires; Herb Crusted Tilapia, Shrimp Scampi, Cajun Seafood, Encrusted Haddock, Lemon Pepper, Sesame Ginger Tuna, Grilled Swordfish, Salmon with Dill, Bold Beef Rub, Authentic Chili/Tacos, Hearty Beef Stew, Italian Meatballs, Perfect Steak, Savory Meatloaf, Ultimate Burger and Pork & Poultry. Can you imagine the future fun cooking dinners I am going to have with these? I just have to make sure to try every single one out as soon as possible, but today I am sharing with you the Perfect Steak Healthy Solutions Spice Blends.

Healthy Spice Blends Perfect steak (3)

I had my meat ready and the Perfect Steak Healthy Solution Spice Blends by my side. I love that the packages are resealable, so you can use this more than one time, honestly, I will get a lot of usage from this one package of seasoning blends. Perfect Steak – No salt, no sugar, just the perfect blend of rosemary, garlic & onion to beef up the flavor of your select cut. I set out to cook this up, first I followed the instructions on the package to mix it properly onto my steak for cooking, then I cooked it up right to serve with pasta and a biscuit.

Healthy Spice Blends Perfect steak (1)

What did I think about the flavor? Perfecto! I believe the flavoring was more like a dill comparable flavor for me, but maybe that is the rosemary because I hadn’t ever had rosemary before. I loved every last bite of this Healthy Solutions Spice Blends Perfect Steak, it satisfied all of my senses. You can actually save 20% off these spices when you sign up for Healthy Solutions Spice Blends Spice Healthy Eat Healthy Club. I say, why not? I look forward to hearing what you all think of these spice blends after testing them out!

Their mission over at Healthy Solutions Spice Blends is simple; they thrive to assist families to have great tasting, healthy options for their family to eat at dinner time (or maybe even lunch time if you prefer).


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