So August was a busy month; in between preparing for Summer to be over and the kids to return to school, we had the boys birthdays. My son Aj turned 8 and my other son K-man turned 6. It seems like my kids are growing way too quickly, soon enough my daughter will be 12 and she is already 3″ shorter than I am. Sigh.

Kids growing too quickly

The boys spend their actual birthday with their Dad, this allows each of our sons to have one day a year alone with their Daddy. So on K-man’s birthday I had the day with Aj while K-man spent it with his Dad and vice versa. We had a blast on those days, it’s nice to balance things out best we can through out the year!

Celebrating Birthdays

Cast Delta Puzzle

We had a great time for each boy on their birthday night … on the boys actual birthday they get a present, cake and balloon. Ki, my daughter, made Aj & K-man’s cake and both girls Chey & Ki worked together for the cakes on the actual birthday party day! We celebrated a birthday party on the Saturday following K-man’s birthday with family and friends.


We had a fabulous month of August between the birthday celebrations and ending up Summer Break with some trips and swimming. Sadly, the last week of Summer was feeling a bit like Fall, and yet now as School is in session we are sweating to death with humidity and heat. Sigh.

So now I am the Mom of two boys are 6 and 8 …. my “baby” is no longer a baby boy anymore … he is now getting older and he doesn’t much like to be called a ‘baby’ anymore either. I am happy to have spent our month of August having family fun and celebrating my aging sons!


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  1. Danielle @ We Have It All (14 comments)

    Well, happy birthday to all of them! I think it’s awesome when the kids are almost as tall as I am. 3 of mine are already taller than me, but I’m short.

  2. Carly Anderson (15 comments)

    Kids definitely do grow up too quickly! I think it’s great that you split the days with the boys with their dad. πŸ™‚

  3. aimee fauci (18 comments)

    Aw how sweet for the older girls to help out. He will always be your baby πŸ˜‰ My 9 year old is still my baby and thankfully she loves it..

  4. Ben @ Cheap is the New Classy (6 comments)

    Happy birthday to both of your sons! I feel your pain on the growing up. My nephew is 13, and everyday it seems like he’s gotten taller, more broad shouldered, and his voice has dropped a little more. I HATE it!

  5. Brett (36 comments)

    happy birthday month to your boys! mine are all close together for birthdays, we spend a lot of time celebrating in the summertime

  6. Pam (157 comments)

    Happy birthday to your boys! They grow up so fast, it almost seems too quick!

  7. kristin (57 comments)

    Sounds like a wonderful month of celebrations. So nice that your family and heart grows in size!

  8. Janel (A Mom's Take) (11 comments)

    Happy birthday to your sweet boys. My kids all have their birthdays in August, it’s a super busy month for us, so I’m happy it’s finally Sept.

  9. Tracey (55 comments)

    Happy birthday to your son! My birthday was a few weeks ago!

  10. Travel Blogger (7 comments)

    I love celebrating the kdis birthdays. They’re always so excited about what this new age brings in terms of freedom.

  11. Rosey (1068 comments)

    Happy Birthday to your boys!! How awesome that their birthdays are so close together. And my daughter is an inch shorter than me now… catching up to her mama quick. πŸ˜‰