Get an Online Degree in Social Work

A rewarding career in social work might be in your future. Get your degree with online courses. Social work is one of the caring professions that reflect the humanity of person-to-person interaction and help. An individual with a Master’s Degree in Social Work can pursue a number of different career paths in social work:
o Counseling in a clinical and informal situation
o Family and community support through administering social programs
o Supervision and care of the elderly in nursing homes
o Counselling students at school
o Community work with teens and young adults
o Substance-abuse counseling for all ages
Social work is not the cure for all of society’s ills, but social workers indeed make a permanent difference on the lives of many people.

Traditional Track for Achieving a Degree in Social Work

If you are just beginning to seek an online degree, you will begin with the basics of social work, including human behavior, human development, identity formation, and the basics of social welfare programs. Classes on research and a field practicum are required. You will learn change theories and the core values of social work: self-determination, human dignity, and social justice.

Advanced Track for Achieving an Advanced Degree in Social Work

Our system enables enrolled students to learn effectively. Core competencies are emphasized in these courses. These core competencies are:
o Identifying theories for practice
o Framing decisions within the code of professional conduct
o Using evidence-based methods of assessment and intervention
o Developing a personal inventory of social work approaches

Why Pursue a Degree in Social Work?

Social work is a rewarding career, and the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the need for social workers from 2012 to 2022 will increase by 19 percent. As population in the U.S. grows, the need for social workers will increase further. An online degree from an accredited college, such as UNE, will be an excellent pursuit. Considering that this degree can be earned in the time in which you are not currently working, it’s well worth it. Social workers work long hours, sometimes on weekends, but the impact they have on the world is priceless.

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