What’s it Like to Welcome Another Child into Home?

It happened, my fiance got that text saying that his teen daughter decided she was coming to live with him instead of moving slightly over an hour away with her Mom and teen brother. Lee came home with a smile and a look of “how did that happen” upon his face and I thought something bad had happened, but nope, it was just that something we thought wouldn’t happen this soon, happened. We were preparing for a teenage girl to come live with us, a teenage girl who is super great friends with my tween girl and a teenage girl who once was close to me but something happened and she withdrew from that. I am not sure what happened after the full week his children spent in our home over a year ago when we bought it, but I have always wondered what their Mom had done or said or made them feel to make them withdraw from our happy household. {the only reason I question their Mom is because of some things she said to Lee}

We no longer need to think or worry about that, she is with us and she is living here. While this wasn’t an easy decision for a teen daughter to move with her father and blended family unit, I am sure in time she will feel as much love as we have here is so worth the change. I watch as her and my daughter play Just Dance 4 every night for exercise and fun. They have already leveled out in the game and are now doing the various challenges for each song. I have watched as they created a YouTube Channel for each other and I giggle watching them on camera. Some day I will share their channel with you all because I seriously adore it!

Welcoming a New Daugher Into Home #happilyblended

What is it like to have another child move into our already large family?

It’s nothing different. Chey moved in and things went a little awkward for me at first, after all this is a girl I had built this bond with and then had it broken, ripped right away from me for some reason that no one can really determine. I was upset about that and when my trust is broken, it takes time to heal and trust again, yes even with a child. The important thing is that with a child my trust is always built up quicker, I have more patience, love and acceptance for a child making mistakes than I do for adults. That’s just who I am.

I spent a day with Chey this past week where we went grocery shopping, picked her up two new shirts and had lunch together, it was a fun day full of conversations, laughter and entertainment; even if the entertainment and laughter was more so due to my sleepy brain actions! I feel like I have welcomed another daughter, sure I am not her mother nor do I ever expect to replace her Mom, but I do love this teen girl and I see in her so much potential. Chey has a big heart, great spirit and she is a very caring person!

I love her very much, and am happy to welcome a fourth child into my life. I look forward to seeing where the year takes us all!

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