His and Mine – Getting Blended Up in Here

Today we will be picking up Lee’s daughter, Chey, who will be moving in with us. After much consideration and thinking his daughter decided to give living here a try instead of moving about an hour away from all she has known with her Mom. While Chey will still see her mother, as that isn’t something we would ever stop from happening, she will be residing with us. This means, no more “mom of 3″, I am going to be “NH mom of 3 +1″ and I am excited to take this journey.

There are many emotions that come into play with this new situation; I have never been a step mother full time and I haven’t ever had another child live with my trio before. My daughter is excited because she will have the older sister she has always wanted, even if they are only a year apart and my youngest is happy because Chey will “keep sissy busy from bossing us”. It’s all around an exciting and nervous situation for everyone involved. A new chapter and new journey that will bring on transitions, learning the roles each play in this blended family scenario and much more.

I firmly believe that this will be a positive experience, after all, about a year ago we had both of his children for a week and it was so wonderful. We all got along really great and I worked with Chey on some things she had going on. I am usually pretty good at helping kids of all ages and I felt I had helped her out, then things got a little messy but family is messy sometimes.

So today, I welcome a new daughter into my life, full time. I am ready to watch as these four grow to be siblings, not of blood, but of love!

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  1. Rosey (1003 comments) says:

    Kudos to you for taking on the role so happily. I love when families are happy, blended or not blended. :)

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