Sharing Family Happy Moments in Photo Collages

Happy Family Moments in Pictures (3)

Sleeping boys. Hide & Seek Fun with my family. MineCraft creations by my daughter.

Happy Family Moments in Pictures (2)

Rose from my fiance on Valentine’s Day. Drawing with my sons. My Sister and her Baby Girl.

Happy Family Moments in Pictures (1)

Silly times with my fiance. Kids having a fun weekend time together. Boys getting along.

What are your happy moments of this past month or two?



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  1. Rosey (1005 comments) says:

    What a fun grouping of pictures!! I like photo collages too, they say a ton just with a look. Very nice!

  2. Karen (60 comments) says:

    This is such a great idea to do with your photos! I’m terrible about printing out my pics. I must have 500 on my phone!

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