Making More Time for Things That Matter

As a Mom who decided that sending my kids with a school lunch from home was a more feasible and healthy option, I have found some nights that I simply do not want to make these kids lunches. The problem is that my oldest was gaining a lot of weight years back from eating school lunches, so I won’t ever go back that route. I had a dilemma, I wanted to continue to make home school lunches for the kids, but I didn’t want to be spending hours every night making all three kids lunches. What is a Mom to do?

I turned to Google after recently hearing about a local Mom saying she made uncrustables for her kids at home. This was a brilliant idea! I went off to search the Internet, I searched high and I searched low. I came across ways to make uncrustables and found some snacks that I could make too, this would save money and time during the week.

Making School Lunches From Home in Less Time

How you make Uncrustables at home is relatively simple. I made Turkey and Cheese (plain without condiments) and PB&J for the kids. I took two pieces of bread, the sandwich ingredients and a coffee cup.

  • Place one piece of bread down upon a flat surface.
  • Place the meat & cheese or the PB&J in center of the bread.
  • Place the second piece of bread on top.
  • Use coffee cup or heavy glass circle shaped household item, or a sandwich press to push and hold on the combined sandwich for about 30-40 seconds.
  • Once you have held the item to press the sandwich for the allotted time frame, pick it up and voila you have a home made uncrustable!

You can freeze these for each week ahead of time and then not have to make sandwiches every single night for your kids! It’s a perfectly awesome time saver for the week nights. I heard that you can store the PB&J ones for up to a month, so feel free to make these for a couple of weeks ahead of time at once if you have the ambition! Oh and in case you are wondering, the meat uncrustables do not taste bad at all, you wouldn’t even know one had frozen them. (I had my fiance taste test over weekend for his work day on Saturday to confirm if that turkey & cheese was a good idea or not)

Making School Lunches From Home in Less Time

Next I moved onto home made snack ideas, above this text you will see an image of funky looking apple pies. These were derived from the recipe Lunchbox Sized Apple Pies, but made into my own unique shapes.

Making time for what matters

Pictured above are the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins I made as a snack for school lunches too. This is an easy to make recipe and since I had all but the pumpkin and chocolate chips at home, it was really not that expensive. I had fun making 48 muffins for the kids school week and the fiance’s work week lunches, The fiance was rather skeptical about pumpkin as he hasn’t ever had much luck with pumpkin flavored food, but he LOVED these.

Making time Efficient for School Lunch Creations

Pictured above is the home made chex mix crock pot recipe I found and decided to test out, but in all honesty, this was a bad idea. Next time we will use the recipe provided on this page, but will not use the crock pot. It didn’t come out great at all, not enough flavor spread through the mixture, but we will eat it.

To me, spending all of this time taking over the weekend while my kids were with their Dads made sense. It took up time while they were away rather than taking away from time that could have been spent with them, for those who don’t have shared visits of children, you can do some of this baking after the kids are asleep. This will keep yo from you having to do some made dash to make lunches every night and allow for more time where it matters; with the kids enjoying family time!

What are some ways you save time with school lunch prep that allow you more family time?


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  1. I let my kids come in the kitchen to cook with me often and I have started to show my son what to do it gives us a chance to talk and for me to show him some stuff

  2. I didn’t know you can make uncrustables at home. I’m always peeling off the crust of my daughter’s sandwiches because they hate it! I’m glad there is another option!

  3. You made such great things, I love the sandwiches that you can freeze. My daughter isn’t in school yet but I’ll have to remember these ideas.

  4. That is great to make things ahead and freeze them. I am a big fan of packing everything the night before too. Saves so much time as I am not a morning person.

  5. Thank you for these lunch ideas! Our kiddos aren’t in school yet but we always try to do easy lunches so I’m not stuck in the kitchen when home alone with a 3 year old and 3 month old. I’m going to make up my own batch of uncrustables!

  6. Homemade Uncrustables?! MUST… MAKE… My daughter and I love those things. I could make a dozen and freeze them for the whole week. This would save so much time!

  7. My daughter hates eating the crust, so I love your easy way to make uncrustable sandwiches, as well as the slow cooker chex mix–love using my slow cooker.

  8. I LOVE the idea that you made homemade uncrustables – how creative! You have totally inspired me to get more creative in the kitchen for the kids lunches!

  9. What a good idea to make the sandwiches and freeze them. I make lunch for everyone, but I get up so early (we’re talking dumb-early here),it’s not taking time from the kids. I do love the idea of planning ahead like this though, and would do it in a heartbeat!

  10. Having my daughter help prepare snacks helps her get involved. We spend time making things she likes which ensures that she will eat them .

  11. My son loves to help me with dinner when I make certain things. I try to remember that letting them get hands on is ensuring they will be that way in their future.

  12. I didn’t know it was so easy to make those little sandwiches at home! I will give it a try. These look like great ways to save time in the kitchen.

  13. I got to make those pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for my MOPS group sometimes. I’m totally diggin’ your uncrustables too. I’d much rather make something homemade for my son rather than it being processed.

  14. Sorry that your Chex Mix recipe didn’t turn out well. I have never heard of it being made in the crockpot. Maybe it will be better when you try out the other recipe or perhaps you could tweak the one you already used.

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