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I Love my Children so Much That .. A Poem of a Mothers Love

I love my children so much that;

I allow them the distance to make mistakes.

I love my children so much that;

I teach them to accept not everyone will like them.

I love my children so much that;

I allow them an open forum to speak their opinions freely & openly.

I love my children so much that;

I grew to be the example I want them to live by.

I love my children so much that;

I encourage them to try  new things by overcoming any anxious feelings.

I love my children so much that;

I allow them to be who they are without judgement or attempting to mold them into who I am.

I love my children so much that;

I show appreciation for their good grades and other accomplishments with a big smile, happy dance and a hug.

I love my children so much that;

I’ve taught them to enjoy the simple things in life, rather than be needy of materialistic items.

I love my children so much that;

I give tough love when needed, even if it kills me to do so.

I love my children so much that;

I teach them we are a family unit and each will have their own responsibilities to ensure the household runs smoothly.

I love my children so much that;

I raise them in an old school mentality that doesn’t easily come as accepted in society as we know it today.

I love my children so much that;

I allow their thoughts, feelings and opinions to matter, all the while letting them know I am the adult who makes the final decisions.

I love my children so much that;

I show them that their Mama loves them no matter what, forever and always unconditionally.

My Children love me so much that;

They shower me in hugs, kisses and include me in their pretend play time because they  know I love them so much.


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Written by brandyellen

Brandy is a born and raised New Hampshire resident who loves being a Mom to three wonderful children. When Brandy isn't writing, she is working part time as an Administrative Assistant. Author, with her daughter, of Positive Girl - The Power of Your Thoughts Question about this post or something found within it? Read my Disclosure Policy as well as Terms of Use.

This article has 31 comments

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) (234 comments)

    You are such a great mom. I have been reading your blog for a few years now and I always love the ways you help them learn & grow.

  2. Dina (15 comments)

    This is great for us all to remember. We should frame it and give it new parents!!

  3. aimee fauci (18 comments)

    I love my children so much that I am honest with them and try my best to be direct with them and not fluff.

  4. Krystal (33 comments)

    This is very inspiring! I love my son so much… that I hope he grows up into the man my husband is. :)

  5. Tess (14 comments)

    This is so sweet! I hope that my kids feel the same way to me too!

  6. Kecia (24 comments)

    I hope to love my children in many of the same ways you are! I want them to feel comfortable talking to me about anything.

  7. brett (36 comments)

    i love my children so much that i discipline and follow through with consequences :) and at the end of the day, mistakes or not, i tell them i love them.

  8. Janel C. (4 comments)

    You are an inspiration to all mothers! Such beautiful words to live by as a parent. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Karen (59 comments)

    This is such a sweet post! I love my daughter so much that I take her out for ice cream even though she tortures me with tantrums!

  10. Jessica (99 comments)

    I love this! It really warms my heart to see a mommy just like me that is absolutely in love with her kiddos. This is the perfect way to share your love with your little ones :)

  11. Liz Mays (70 comments)

    Aren’t children the best? It’s clear to see your house is bursting with love!

  12. Cassie @ Southeast by Midwest (15 comments)

    What a great list of ways that you love your children! What I like most i that you’re willing to allow them to make their own mistakes. How can they learn that not everything will always go right for them, if they don’t learn where you can help them overcome it afterward? Your kids are lucky to have such a great mom :)

  13. Rachée (2 comments)

    I love my child so much that I am willing to be the bad guy even when it hurts to do so.

  14. Susanna Barbee (Zealous Mom) (11 comments)

    Very sweet! Sometimes it’s hard to teach them the lessons we know are right and to model the appropriate behaviors, but it’s so important. You’re an amazing momma!

  15. Rosey (1025 comments)

    I love that you teach them not everyone will like them, and that’s okay. I never taught that to my own specifically, and it was such a shock to them when that kind of discord came about. It’s just simply a lesson I never thought to do!

  16. Toni (57 comments)

    This is such a sweet post. I did one similar to it a few months ago.

  17. Krissy (4 comments)

    I love this! I wish my children ( well mostly my oldest daughter) realized all I do is because I do love her so much. She’s 12 going on 20, and life is stressful.
    Maybe one day she will understand – I know I had to go to my parents and say “OK, thank you for loving me enough to make me mad.” Because that’s all they were doing!

  18. Debra (18 comments)

    We love our children in so many ways. A lot of ways our children don’t understand, but one day as parents themselves will appreciate us for!

  19. Lisa (161 comments)

    Those are all awesome ways to love your children so much. I want to make my own list now! 😀

  20. Desiree M. (3 comments)

    Beautiful. Absolutely. Beautiful. It’s amazing how we love each of our children in so many ways.

  21. Eliz Frank (13 comments)

    Beautiful poem. Our children are the light of our lives. They make us learn patience and compassion. I’m grateful for the blessing of motherhood. :-)

  22. Shell Feis (15 comments)

    Aww I love this :) I strive to be a parent who does the same things you mention.

  23. Dawn (113 comments)

    Oh I love this post. It is so sweet. I love my daughter so much that I let her spend tons of time being independent like she wants to be, even though I just want to snuggle her up and keep her with me forever. :)