My Daughter Being Silly Singing her Made up Song

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This past weekend we had a blast with family time, more posts about our trip on Saturday to Chuck E. Cheese’s coming soon but for today I share with you the video of my daughter singing a song that she just started singing aloud. You see, we were all seated around the dining room table playing with pretend clay when my daughter started making fruits, then a taco and a plate of spaghetti out of her modeling clay.

Apparently that was enough inspiration for her to start singing this little tune …

Can you tell that she is my daughter? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with this girl. I love her.

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  1. Ashley M (14 comments) says:

    It’s funny the way kids can turn anything into song and they aren’t shy about singing it either.

  2. Eliz Frank (13 comments) says:

    What a playful and fun song… It’s refreshing to hear young people share in this way.

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