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It arrived, a way to cure my Winter dry skin blues and it smells yummy too. When the box arrived with Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer inside, I was a happy camper. I also made sure to spray my daughter with this, I didn’t realize continuous spray meant that it was easily applied to your own body after a shower because it has a continuous spray nozzle … my kitchen thanked me for not realizing that the first time I sprayed my daughter’s arm to test it out. Live & learn, right?!

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer


Today I am happy to be sharing with you some facts about Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer so that you can learn more about this brand, oh and there are options for men, so if you are a man don’t think you have been left out, they have Spray Lotion for men as well. Read on whether you are a man or a woman because these points can be applicable for all genders;

  • Most Important Fact for myself - Leaves skin feeling instantly soft – not sticky or greasy
  • Next in line of importance  – Convenient 360° spray dispenses lotion quickly and evenly
  • Another Fact you All Should Know - Contains multi-layer moisture complex
  • Bonus Easy to Apply – To apply, spray up, switch hands, spray down, and then rub in (“Up, Switch, Down,

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer Trio

I have had great success in using this product to test out for about a week now and I must say I am thankful to have a quick & easy way to apply lotion to my skin daily. As a busy work from home mother of three children, one having special needs, it’s been difficult for me to keep up with a lotion I have to rub on. I suffer from severe dry skin in these New Hampshire winter seasons but Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer is helping to alleviate the dry, itchy skin for me and for that I am confident you all will enjoy this product as well.

If I had to sum up how I feel about this product as a whole, I would say “I love that Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer Spray is easy to apply, doesn’t leave a greasy feeling and smells wonderful”.

As a way to help you save money off your very own purchase of Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer, you can head over to Vaseline’s Facebook Page to download a coupon. You can save $2 for you and $2 for a friend, learn more details by clicking here to enter the Facebook coupon page. Offer valid from 2/7 /14 to 3/9/14.

“This sponsored post was written while participating in my partnership with Vaseline and One2One Network, but as always, all opinions are my own.”

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Written by brandyellen

Brandy is a born and raised New Hampshire resident who loves to spend extra time laughing & smiling with her three children. Brandy runs multiple blogs & she loves to tweet daily and ramble on Facebook. Author, with her daughter, of Positive Girl - The Power of Your Thoughts Question about this post or something found within it? Read my Disclosure Policy as well as Terms of Use.

This article has 23 comments

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) (218 comments) Reply

    I have seen commercials for this a bunch of times and have been meaning to pick some up. I love Vaseline products and this one sounds like something that’s great for us busy moms!

  2. Katy Rawson (4 comments) Reply

    This sounds awesome. I totally want some for my twins. They so need it after this winter weather has done a number on their skin. But have you ever tried to get two 18 mo old babies to hold still to apply lotion and rub it in? UGH. We need this!

  3. Alesha @ Full Time Mama (10 comments) Reply

    I would love this! I am huge on the spray sunscreen, and lotion would be awesome as well. This body needs some better moisturizer too. Must find this and try it out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Melissa (63 comments) Reply

    This looks awesome! I love the idea of a spray because I sometimes don’t like the lotion on my hands.

  5. Rachael (5 comments) Reply

    This Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer looks like a great product. My skin gets so dry from running the heat. My skin will love this.

  6. Lisa Thompson (5 comments) Reply

    We sweat by Vaseline at our house, but this spray on moisturizer would make life so much easier!!! My only worry is that my twins would be so enamored by it, that they’d use it all up in a day or two!

  7. Tammy (53 comments) Reply

    Since I started using this, I’ve actually been applying it every day, which I never did with any other lotion before. I’ve noticed a real difference in my skin hydration since then too. So nice to not have itchy legs :)

  8. Paige (14 comments) Reply

    I’ve been meaning to try this forever! It reminds me of summer! It’s so close but so far away…

  9. Ashley M (15 comments) Reply

    I really want to try this moisturizer as winter severly dries out my skin but I still find myself skipping the lotion.

  10. kim (99 comments) Reply

    ummm, I’ve seen a few commerical but didn’t think twice, but now I might look into it. I trust blogger’s opinions. Thanks

  11. Eliz Frank (14 comments) Reply

    This must be new on the market. I like Vaseline moisturizers so I’d give it a try too.

  12. Ty (6 comments) Reply

    I love the idea of spraying versus rubbing it all in. I’ll definitely have to check these out, thanks!

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