Spiffing Up Your Car for the Holidays

While some people like to spread holiday cheer by hanging lights and decorations at home and others head out in costume to celebrate, some car loving revelers show holiday spirit by dressing up their rides! From making your car part of an Easter egg hunt to donning lucky clovers, our do it yourself, car decorating tips will surely get you noticed for the holidays.

Fun Holidays to Make Your Car Festive

1. Valentine’s Day. Dress up your car with love and head to the streets to deliver Cupid’s messages.

What you’ll need:

  • Red heart and Cupid vinyl vehicle decals
  • Fluffy angel wings
  • An arrow and red glitter
  • Boxes of candy hearts

Tie your fluffy angel wings, glue on a red glittery arrow and voila- cupid’s signature. Have fun decorating the car with heart and cupid decals. Now, get ready to drive around town to spread the message of love.

2. Saint Patrick’s Day. Nothing says “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day” better than a leprechaun riding shotgun. Make it fun by attaching your leprechaun to the face of the car (just be sure your view is completely unobstructed) Everybody is looking for treasure at the end of the rainbow on this lucky day – get ready to greet friends around town with fun gifts from your pot of gold!

What you’ll need:

  • Fill a pot with goodies to hand out while driving around town or through a parade.
    • Novelty jewelry with shamrocks like necklaces, rings and silicone bracelets.
    • Shiny green shamrock and “gold coin” candies
    • Shamrock magnets
  • For your car
    • shamrock garland
    • green glitter leprechaun hat
    • Irish flags
    • car safe tape (check with your vehicle manufacturer)

Pick a prominent, yet visible spot, perhaps even the roof of the car to feature the leprechaun hat. People will see you coming for a mile if you display your Irish flags and shamrock garland along the front grill.

3. Easter. Ready for an adventure? How about an Easter egg hunt theme right on your car!

What you’ll need:

  • Big fluffy bunny ears
  • plastic spring flowers
  • plastic Easter eggs that open
  • goodies to fill Easter eggs such as chocolate bunnies and duckies, jelly beans, marshmallow chicks and bunnies
  • Clear fishing line

Affix bunny ears to either side of your front windows and you’ll be hopping around town in no time! After you’ve filled your eggs with treats, tie eggs to fishing line and tie on door handles, mirrors and from the windows. Let friends “hunt” for eggs when you pass through town.

Remember, go crazy when decorating your car, but be sure to stay safe.

  • Keep windows clear and free from stickers
  • Be sure all mirrors are adjusted to account for any decorations that could change your view.
  • Avoid placing anything too high to the front or back end of your car so that you always maintain visibility around other drivers and pedestrians.

Have a holiday car decorating story or tip of your own? Share with others here!


Guest post by Improv Traffic School

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  1. We have little family people stickers on our car, but we’ve never done holiday decorations. I like the reindeer ears at Christmas, or the Rudolph nose. I like those eyelashes for headlights (year round) too. 🙂

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