School Vacation Week Is Nearing an End

This week has been my kids school vacation week, starting last Friday with a cancellation of school due to weather, they get a whole 10 days of break from school. Right now my biggest challenge is going to be on Monday, when my seven year old son Aj is returned to school. Aj is convinced this is the break that happens in the Summer before he goes back to school for the next grade. I’m not really sure how to get through to him, as he is certainly not easily convinced of anything he feels otherwise of when he isn’t on medication. I just hope his Dad doesn’t have a hard time come Monday when he returns him to school. Fingers crossed.

February Vacation with my Kids

I had a blast making fun breakfast options, such as french toast this vacation. I also made the kids their scrambled eggs, toast with jelly or fried egg sandwiches from day to day. Breakfast is one of those meals that I allow the kids a couple choices. I had such a fun time hanging with my kids, I can’t say that Aj wasn’t a bit of a challenge though. One thing I have noticed with Aj not being on any medication is that I have to keep an eye and ear out for any situations that could play out to a potential meltdown. When I say meltdown, it’s not a normal meltdown that most deal with as a parent and child. Aj’s meltdowns are extreme in nature and he has no reasoning skills nor logic in his thought process when not on medication. You simply have to be proactive and give consequence for actions; the punishment that fits the crime so to speak. I have found this week that if I am proactive and give Aj some “chill out” time before his frustrations escalate we can have a pretty peaceful day, even if still busy with him having to be constantly watched.

February Vacation with my Kids

One day I made a blanket fort which was something to keep the boys busy through out the day. Every once in a while they would go back into the fort to hang out and have fun. I love that the kids all enjoy simple fun like this. Even my daughter who had a sleep over one night, made a blanket fort out of her bunk bed for her girlfriend and her to hang out in. Another fun at-home idea was to use a blanket for magic carpet rides …

February Vacation with my Kids

The boys laughed so hard having magic carpet rides … I loved hearing my Aj giggle just like his brother K-man. It was such a wonderful time that day, full of more laughter than anything else. I also captured a sweet photo of my sons, Aj actually smiling in it ..

February Vacation with my Kids

When asked if I am ready to have my kids back to school? I say yes and no. I am ready because they need the education and break from being stuck at home due to the cold weather but overall this week has kept me emotionally and physically drained in ways that are not normal. You see, normally there is argument after argument, fight after fight with my son Aj but this week really wasn’t that bad so as long as I stayed proactive we had little to no major issues.

What are some ways you enjoy family time inside of the house without television or video games?

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  1. Blanket forts are the best!! My second oldest makes these big elaborate ones for his little bro. when he comes home to visit (he’s grown), and then he’ll climb in there w/him. That’s big time fun when you’re 6. 😉

    I wish we had break this time of year. We’ve got a 2-hr delay for school this morning (due to cold weather) and those throw me off.

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