How Philanthropists Serve our Society

Philanthropists serve our society in many ways. Most importantly, philanthropists give financial support to important causes. The person’s financial support may provide more resources to a particular group or organization that can’t get those resources on its own. In addition, the financial support of a philanthropist can expand an organization or program that needs to grow in order to serve more people. Without the help of a generous philanthropist, a worthwhile organization may only be able to serve a few hundred people when there are thousands of people who need assistance. Here are some other ways that the work of philanthropists contributes to the overall welfare of our society.

Attention to a Worthwhile Cause

A philanthropist who supports a particular cause or organization uses his or her influence to bring attention to it. When there is more attention brought to a cause or organization, other people are likely to throw their support behind it. This means that the initial support of a philanthropist can be very important to the future of a cause or organization. One philanthropist who is bringing attention to a cause can prompt other philanthropists to contribute to it. With enough support, the cause can become well-known amongst the general public. A philanthropist’s support can be especially helpful to lesser-known organizations or causes. These entities may otherwise fade away without the help and support of a philanthropist along with others. One example of a philanthropist is LIFE founder Lois Pope.

Getting Resources

In many cases, a philanthropist has the means to give large amounts of financial support to an organization. This helps an organization in many different ways. For instance, the money can be used for resources to help the organization operate on a day-to-day basis. Also, dollars can be used to hire more staff members who are able to operate the organization in a more efficient way. The financial support of a philanthropist gives an organization the tools and resources that will help it accomplish its goal without having to worry about how everything will be paid for.


When a philanthropist contributes to and otherwise supports a cause, it can bring credibility to it. A person with a history of contributing to worthwhile causes has more credibility than other individuals when it comes to making donations. A philanthropist’s credibility can also put the spotlight on causes that may otherwise be overlooked. This can help a growing organization to gain momentum and accomplish what it wants to in a shorter amount of time. Just because a cause is worthwhile doesn’t automatically mean that it will succeed. Every cause needs the support of others in order to accomplish its goals.

Long-Term Support

Finally, a philanthropist can supply a cause or organization with years of support. An organization that gets just one contribution may not be able to sustain itself on that. But, a philanthropist who wants to lend his or her support to an organization over a period of years can give the entity what it needs to find long-term success. Sometimes it takes years for a cause or organization to become known throughout the country or even throughout the world. While it is becoming better known, it needs the support of philanthropists and others to keep it going.

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