Imagine you have just bought a puppy. After you’ve trained it to learn a few simple tricks, guided it through house training, and really integrated it into your life, how would you feel if you came back from work and found him hurt or very ill?

Let’s say you found out that he ate something unsuitable and needed a visit to the vet, but the bill would be outrageous. Would you look at your puppy, decide to keep the money and just leave it to face the consequences of not receiving any medical care? Even though it sounds outlandish, this is a sadly common and possible scenario when you choose to have a pet without insurance.

To avoid a case like the one described above, it is always advisable to have a health plan  – pet insurance plans can provide protection for your dog or cat, and peace of mind for you.

1. A pet insurance plan gives you assurance

Disasters strike at the most unexpected of times. Your pet may need help from a specialist or a vet when you don’t have the money set aside. Fixing them up may plunge you into debt or take money from another essential need. In fact, it may not even be possible to pay for your pet’s needs with your savings. A pet insurance plan relieves you from such complicated situations since it requires just a simple and relatively small payment once a month to get the coverage you need when disaster hits.

2.Pets can easily get injured

Puppies and kittens, especially, are extremely playful and curious; at times they can even get themselves into dangerous situations. This behavior can quickly cause injuries. Mature pets are not an exception either, and they have more health-related problems to take care of. If your pet is a problem animal, like many small dogs can end up becoming, you may even find that your pet starts fights with other, bigger dogs. Each of these problems is a potential for major cash expenditures when you don’t have an insurance plan.

3. It makes pet care an easy line item in your budget

You can choose when you wish to be making payments for the insurance. You can choose monthly, quarterly, or even semi-annually payments to simplify your expenditures. It helps you plan your finances and turns something that can be an unpredictable problem into a very simple expense that you add into your budget.

4. It eliminates tough decisions about your pet’s health

Making tough decisions when it comes to your pet’s health can be difficult. Not having the money to pay for a major surgery that can save your pet’s limb or even its life is something that you don’t want to experience. Having pet insurance to take care of simple problems like this can really go a long way to making you feel better about owning a pet, and will let you enjoy your time with your new dog or cat.

Don’t make the easy, ‘cheap’ choice and forego pet insurance. There is a chance that you may save money by not having it, but you’re also gambling with the life of your pet. If you’re still undecided, here’s a take on the need for pet insurance from a vet.

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  1. TerriAnn @ Cookies & Clogs (43 comments)

    We have a bionic dog that cost almost as much as our car due to her two torn CCLs. If only we had gotten insurance for her instead of just debating it all the time, it would have covered 90% of both surgeries. Instead, we had to pay several grand for one and the other, as a bilateral injury, was automatically ruled out for coverage 🙁
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  2. Marcie W. (87 comments)

    Your example above was exactly what happened to us! Our dog loved rope toys as a puppy. Between the loose strings from those, and a few plastic pieces of kids toys he managed to chew, an intestinal blockage formed. At 6 months old he needed a $2700 surgery and after care. I purchased his insurance a few months later, and he’s now a 2 1/2yr old healthy, fully recovered, non-chewer!
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  3. Angela (30 comments)

    We need pet insurance. Our dogs have cost us a small fortune in vet bills, prescriptions and special diets. You just never know what’s going to happen.