What makes Nantucket Island So Special?

Nantucket is like no other island in the world. This beautiful whaling village looks just the same as it did 200 years ago with widows walks, grey shingled cottages and cobblestone streets. The historic factories and warehouses now serve as home to world-class galleries and museums. Located just 30 miles south of Cape Cod, Nantucket is the sister island to Martha’s Vineyard, but is a completely unique destination in itself.

Nantucket has a pleasant, mild climate as compared to the rest of New England, with the months of July and August being the warmest times to visit. Its humidity is fairly high in the summer but it stays rather comfortable due to the ocean breezes. The best time to visit this island is preferably September or early October since the weather is warm, most hotel and restaurant rates are cheaper, but shops and attractions are still open.

Who could imagine that such a small island has so much to offer? Explore the Cisco Brewery, pristine beaches, art galleries, picturesque lighthouses, museums, breathtaking views, trails of biking and hiking, unique shops, and stay at the incredible Nantucket rentals that dot the island.

Here are three reasons to consider a visit to Nantucket Island:

Nantucket Lighthouses
Nantucket has three historic lighthouses and each one of them continues to light the way for those visiting the shore. The lighthouses have forever held a place in the island’s history, attracting sailors for centuries and guiding them to safety through dark nights and the unknown waters surrounding Nantucket. Visit them and find out so much about the island’s history from just a simple tour.

Nantucket’s rentals and historic homes
These historic homes draw thousands of tourists to the tiny island each and every year. You will find the most historic and architecturally significant buildings lining the streets, with their actual dates of construction listed in front. The most elegant historic homes are found on the Main and Orange streets where the ship owners, merchants and wealthy sea captains lived. Their owners, adding to the seaside charm of the island, have expertly preserved each one over the years.

Nantucket Restaurants
The restaurants in Nantucket Island are known all over the world for their incredible cuisine, top chefs and (unfortunately) expensive prices. Nantucket has some excellent restaurants as well as charming cafes all around town that serve reasonable lunches and dinners. Nantucket delis and sandwich shops are perfect for picnics on the beach, and another option for a quick meal. You can find plenty of the best ones with a quick Yelp search.


Nantucket beaches are some of the best and most beautiful in the world. Most of the beaches are private properties but many owners have made theirs public as well. Beach lovers will have to check out the sand, waves, and views that vary from beach to beach depending on the location. Some of the most popular beaches are: Children’s Beach, Brant Point Beach, Cisco Beach, Dionis Beach, Surfside Beach, and Madaket Beach, but there are so many more to explore as well.

Historic Sites
Nantucket Island is designated as a historic island and there are plenty of different types of authentic sites, including preserved homes and churches, an old windmill that still grinds corn, a civil war monument and also an old jail. These sites are easy to find on walking tour maps available in town.

If you haven’t been yet, Nantucket is a great place to visit for a few days or even a few weeks. Be careful though; many people visit for a day or two and then end up moving there for the incredible food, friendly people, and amazing sites!

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  1. That’s a cool fact that people end up moving there. We visited a place like that once…a place we’d have considered moving to if it wasn’t so far away. We didn’t want to leave the grown kids though, we already don’t see them enough. 🙂

    I’d totally visit Nantucket Island!

  2. I’ve never been to Nantucket Island, but I can only think of the glamour high class crowds of the 50’s and 60’s when I think of that area. The pastels and white gloves at dinner parties. I’d love to go visit, sit in a deck chair and have a really good cup of coffee there. I bet it’s so relaxing.

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