{Mama and Son Time} Making Pizza with my Boys

I used to have a tradition that every Friday we would make pizza or at least have pizza for dinner. I really miss this tradition, but while money is tight for now with the new home purchase, we will attempt to do our best to make it a once a month event or maybe twice a month for now.

Five year Old Making Pizza

I purchased pizza crust from Market Basket, pizza sauce, shredded cheese and some pepperoni slices earlier in the day. I set up the crusts on pan as well as sauce and cheese in two bowls so that the boys could have space to create their own pizzas; one cheese pizza and one pepperoni pizza.

Mother and Sons Making Pizzas

I had to encourage my seven year old son to do more on his own, lately his confidence has been going downhill a bit but that’s just simply due to medication changes. I worked to encourage him to put his own cheese and pepperoni on so he could be proud of his creation.

Mother Helping Son with Pizza

We had a great time together. The boys were enjoying the fact that they could make their own dinner.

Son Proud of his Pizza

K-man was super proud of his “cheesiest ever pizza” creation.

Seven Year old Son Proud of his Pizza

Aj was super proud of his “pepperoni-est pizza ever” creation.

We popped the pizzas in the oven for about ten minutes…

And then we ate, together as a family.

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  1. Kendra (10 comments) says:

    Thanks for the reminder of a cool thing to do. I hadn’t done this yet with my youngest son but you’re right about it being a confident builder.

  2. Jessica (103 comments) says:

    I LOVE making homemade pizza with the family. My daughter and I always go to the store and pick out the ingredients together. This weekend we are planning on making a fruit pizza with fresh fruit and cream cheese!

  3. Amanda Love (7 comments) says:

    I love cooking or baking with my kids. Just having that special one on one time with them can make my day. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. Your boys are adorable.

  4. Debra (13 comments) says:

    I love making pizzas with my kids. They always feel so accomplished and brag to dad that they made dinner. The best part though is like you said at the end, then we eat together as a family, which is so important! Eating as a family is a great chance to catch up and share!

  5. Jaime (19 comments) says:

    Just this past weekend, I involved my two-year-old in making breakfast (I was making waffles. He “helped” me stir the mix.) He would love to make pizzas – and I’m fairly certain sauce and cheese would end up all over. ;)

  6. Kecia (19 comments) says:

    I love homemade pizza because you are free to put on as many toppings as you want. My 3 year old is already enjoying helping us cook, especially when we make pizza!

  7. kim (104 comments) says:

    Bet they had fun with that!! Nothing better than making your own pizza at home…then eating it. Maybe you’ll have a true born chef now~!!

  8. Cassie @ Southeast by Midwest (16 comments) says:

    Family traditions are great and are something that you should always try to make time and money for, even when it’s difficult, because that’s what you want the kids to remember not the struggle to get your attention because you’re worrying about time and money. I’m so glad that you were able to find a way to bring this tradition back into your family’s routine in some way :)

  9. Ashley M (15 comments) says:

    One of the best things we can do for our children is get them cooking in the kitchen. It promotes familial value, healthier eating and happier lives.

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