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22 thoughts on “How Do I Choose a Good-Fit Counselor for my Child?”

  1. Sometimes advocating for our children is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Finding a quality counselor that truly cares about the child and works hard to get them the help they need while being mindful of medications is not always easy to come by. Great tips!

  2. Very informative tips and suggestions! I think it’s import and for kids to feel comfortable with someone other than their parents to talk to and express feelings.

  3. I think it is SO important to simply listen to your child, no matter how old they are. It’s also helpful when the counsel or therapist actually know how to do their job well. When it comes to our children, it’s best to “shop around” first and find the best fit for them.

  4. It is important to find good counselors, therapists and assistants of all kinds for our children. I think the tips you listed here will help make life better for a lot of families.

  5. I have four little boys. Every single one of them has a completely different personality. I’ve noticed I have to approach and discipline each of them in totally different ways.

  6. I remember when my sister was little she needed a counselor.It took so long for my mom to find one that she actually liked, and got along with. Thanks for these tips to help other parents.

  7. What great advice on finding a counselor for your child. I do think it’s so important to listen to your child’s input. If they say they don’t like their counselor, don’t just assume it’s because they don’t want to go. It might truly be the wrong fit.

  8. Thanks for the wonderful tips! It is so important to listen to your child and find out what/who they are comfortable with.

  9. Great tips. It is very important to listen to your child when you are trying to select a counselor. If there is not a good dynamic between the child and teacher there will not be much progress made.

  10. A friend of mine mentioned that her daughter was getting nowhere with her counselor, and part of the reason was the counselor was significantly older and couldn’t relate on topics like Facebook, iPhones, etc. While it might seem odd, it definitely can be a stumbling block, apparently!

  11. Brandy,
    Another really good post! I like your 4 key points! I especially agree that you need to listen to your child. If they’re expressing anxiety or concern regarding the counselor, then it almost certain that they won’t be open with them either. Great informative post!

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