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13 thoughts on “5 Tips on Working with an Anxious Child”

  1. Such great tips! I know it can be very frustrating working with an Anxious child… But being calm and understanding goes a long way!

  2. Number 2 is an excellent point – we’re at that stage even now with our 17 year old. We want to encourage her to do certain things that we know are good for her and her future, but we don’t want to force her to do them. In the end we let her make the decision even if it’s not what we want for her. I never thought of our daughter as an anxious child but reading your tips there, I guess she is because we have had to do all of those things with her over the years!

  3. i found a great program to help kids w anxiety, that a friend used with her daughter a few years ago. we’re using it with my 6 year old now. i live with anxiety disorder too and its not fun

  4. Thanks for the tips because we struggle with this. Our son eats his shirt or fingers when he is nervous. We’ve been working hard to get through this phase.

  5. My 4 year old doesn’t necessarily have anxiety, but she does have times where she does show anxiety signs so I try my best to be understanding. I feel like if I pressure her, I would make it worse or make it a real issue.

  6. I wish all parents could read this RIGHT NOW. I can’t tell you how many cringe-worthy conversations I hear in stores lately between parents and children.

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