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These Zombie Pets are completely adorable, they are a cuddly, cute way to entertain your Zombie loving kids without the dramatic blood and creepy looking figures. Seriously. My youngest enjoys talking a good game about Zombies but in all reality he would much prefer a snuggle Zombie instead of a real scary Zombie – he scares easily.

zombie Pets

Bulls-i-Toy has nailed this toy perfectly, it’s cute but not too cute and soft for your young Zombie fan. Each Zombie Pet, there are 8 total, come with access to the Zombie Pets app which is available in Google Play and iTunes. Whatever your device is Zombie Pets app may be enjoyed by your children alongside their cuddly pet.

How Do Zombie Pets Work?

Each Zombie Pet comes with a QR code that can be scanned into your device to reanimate the Zombie Pet your child has. There is also a Fun Pack sold separately from the Zombie Pets that includes three sticker cards, one pop-up, one cling and a power-up coin which offer a value of $2, $4 or $6 of additional app play.

Zombie Pets app will encourage your child’s imagination and creativity with age-appropriate content in this online gaming environment. There are 8 Zombie Pets available for purchase, prices vary but you can see on Amazon.com a list of Zombie Pets with different price ranges to give the gift of fun this holiday season.

  • Rodney Hoppenstien – Armed with ears that slice, dice and cut through anything, Dr. Stan’s right-hand rabbit takes on the toughest missions against Boris’s minions.
  • Nigel Hitchsquawk – Dr. Stan’s dead-eye in the sky is a stealth bomber, making a mess of Boris’s evil army by dropping homemade “presents” from above.
  • Baxter Were-Woof – This loyal but mouthy hound uses his vice-like jaws and slippery slobber to subdue even the toughest adversary.
  • Buttercup Caponey – Dr. Stan’s trusty mare has a wild side. Her lethal buck-and-split combination strikes fear into enemies.
  • Mittens VonScratchula – Behind this cuddly cat’s kind demeanor lurks a cunning spymaster who uses her smarts and her claws to baffle the bad guys.
  • Sheldon Draco – Shy and easily spooked, Sheldon doesn’t come out of his shell often. But when he does, watch out Boris!
  • Squeaker Bates – Once this clumsy hamster climbs inside her ball, watch her morph into a minion-wrecking machine.
  • Diego Vorheez – Dr. Stan’s smart-as-a-whip monkey packs a wallop with his powerful primate mind and mighty whip-like tail

Learn more about Zombie Pets at Bullsitoy.com and PlayZombiePets.com.



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