Life Changing Technology

There is so much emphasis placed on technology these days and people are constantly rushing out to purchase the latest must-have device. From the new iPhone to the tablet, there are so many items that we have become reliant on to carry out multiple purposes. Whether it is for entertainment, day-to-day activities or simply just for bragging rights, technology has taken over modern life and there is no way of escaping it.

technologyElectronic cigarettes may be relatively new to the technology scene, but they are already proving their worth. The smoking habit is something that plights most of the world, with so many people either unable or simply refusing to beat the need to light up. But thankfully some clever technological guru has developed an electronic cigarette, which gradually weans smokers off the cigarettes. Already hundreds of thousands of people have quit thanks to these trusty devices.

The idea of an electronic cigarette has been taken one step further with the electronic shisha from companies such as Eshishin now available.  Although they aren’t designed to help people beat the smoking habit, they are a very popular trend, and have no impact on your health.

The list of life changing technology would not be complete without mentioning the internet. Where to begin with how this has revolutionised the world? It fulfils entertainment purposes, social aspects; it is an online library, a source of knowledge, a shopping tool, a news outlet and helps with everything from business to everyday life. The list really is endless and a world without the internet is hard to imagine. It has not only changed our lives, it has literally changed the world and the level of technology we now have stems from our dependence on the World Wide Web.

The mobile phone is my personal favourite within this list. I know that I would be utterly lost without mine as it holds so much importance. It allows me to be in constant touch with other people and gives me access to things such as the internet, music and games. Mobile communication is important on a daily basis whether it is work-related or for personal use. We all want to be informed of anything and everything straight away and the mobile phone fulfils this need.

The computer is an obvious choice. Thanks to the computer we have been gifted with a range of other devices such as the internet, the mobile phone, the tablet, the laptop, in fact, pretty much all the modern technology we have stems from the computer. Everything started to become instant when the computer was created and we use it to manage absolutely everything from business purposes to day-to-day stuff like managing accounts. Everything is more efficient than before and a lot simpler.

This article was written by Amanda Walters, an experienced freelance writer and regular contributor to Huffington Post. Follow her here: @Amanda_W84

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