Bistro MD: Cost and Coupons

BistroMD is a home diet meal delivery service developed by doctors who specialize in weight loss. Physician Caroline J. Cederquist created Bistro MD to provide her overweight patients with a delicious food plan so that they will achieve a healthy weight loss. The company has over 10 years of experience helping people lose weight.


The Cost of BistroMD

If you want to order food from Bistro MD you have two options. You either chose a  7-day program or a 5-day program. Both programs deliver to your door once a week breakfasts, lunches and dinners scientifically balanced for weight loss. You can pick from over 200 chef-prepared entrees.

  • The cost of the 7-day program is $159.95 plus shipping
  • The cost of the 5-day program is $129.95 plus shipping

Discounts for Bistro MD

Currently, the following coupon codes are available:

$25 Off Order

Use coupons : Snapshot25Off or Bistro25

You will save $25 off the Bistro MD cost

Free Shipping

Use coupon: FreeShipping2013

You will save the shipping cost which is $24.99

Enter the coupon at checkout in the coupon box. You can find the current BistroMD coupons at Watch for hot deals around Christmas and New Years Eve.

Dr. Phil calls on Bistro MD to help the heaviest woman

A few years ago, Dr Phil had an interesting guest on his show—a woman who gets noticed anywhere she goes. Pauline Potter weighed 650lbs and held the Guinness Record for the heaviest woman alive. At this weight, life was really hard for her. Practically, she couldn’t move. Simple things like getting up from a chair, going to the bathroom or taking a shower were nearly impossible for her.


When we look at super-obese people like Pauline we tend to think that they are responsible for the problem they are facing. “They can’t stop eating.  T12:59 PMhey have no willpower. They brought this into themselves” we may think.  But, like anyone else in this life, these people have hopes and dreams. They want to be free of the enormous shell they have been living.

As Dr. Phil pointed in his show, obese people need to completely re-arrange their lifestyle if they want to become fit. They have to change their thinking, how they talk about food to themselves. They have to heal the emotions that make them overeat, and of course they have to “clean up” their environment. You can’t eat food when it’s not available in your kitchen. People who want to lose weight should also introduce the right kind of foods so that they will not be deprived, hungry and depressed. After all, proper dieting is not about being deprived.

To help Pauline lose weight and regain her health, Dr Phil asked Bistro MD to design and deliver meals to her home every day. This food plan would provide Pauline with the necessary amounts of protein, fat, and carbs that her doctors said she would need to support a safe weight  loss.

One of the comments that Pauline left on Youtube said: “Once I come out again I will have a big weight loss thanks to Dr Phil and BistroMD.

Pauline is not the only person BistroMD has helped over the years. It’s an organization that was created to help reduce the obesity problem in America.

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  1. That looks really tasty! You know, sometimes you just need the help, and having some medical advice/help along the way (even if it’s just a doctor who designed it) is always a good thing.

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