Tackling Blocked Drains: It’s Not Just Baby Wipes Down There!

We all know that drain and sewer operatives will undoubtedly find their fair share of ‘unflushable’ items in the system on what is likely to be a daily basis. The amount of people who flush baby wipes, cotton buds and sanitary products down the toilet is alarming, and while many of these people may not understand the impact that their actions could be having on the drains, some will undoubtedly know the consequences, yet still do it out of convenience.

Blocked drains can be a major issue and while some blockages are able to be dislodged without any problem at all, a lot of the time, services such as Dyno drain cleaning need to be alerted so that they can sort out the problem. It can cause huge amounts of inconvenience for the homeowner, so wouldn’t it be easier to avoid ‘unflushable’ items altogether and dispose of them the right way?

You may think that baby wipes, condoms and the pet goldfish are the limit of what sewage workers have found in the drains and sewers, clogging up the system, but, unfortunately, there have been several cases of things much, much worse being the culprits! Here are some things that you definitely don’t want to be the reason for your blocked drain, some of which have made the news over recent times:


In the USA, a 14-pound cat got stuck inside a 5” drainpipe earlier this year. How he got in there, nobody really knows, but at least he was rescued relatively unscathed!

Meanwhile, in California, a kitten spent nine hours stuck in a drain and, while it took a while to rescue him, he made it out eventually and was put up for adoption.

Back in the UK, a cat spent two days in a network of pipes in Port William, Scotland, after finding an opening and wandering around the pipes unable to make its way back out again.


A man in Pittsburgh had to call for help after he got his foot stuck down a drain in his back garden. After doing some yard work, he got himself wedged into a terracotta pipe. Emergency workers helped him out by chiselling at the pipe to free him.

A Boa Constrictor

A troublesome 10ft long boa constrictor had been wreaking havoc in a Manchester apartment block, writhing around the pipes and popping up in toilet bowls occasionally, before it was eventually caught three months later. Scary stuff!


Twelve cute ducklings fell down a drain in Lincolnshire back in May, while their mother watched and guarded the drain. The RSPCA were called in to rescue them and did so, successfully.

Hopefully, you will never have to deal with such unusual events! While the winter months may require the help of plumbing and drain engineers to fix frozen or burst pipes, remember that Dyno can also fix blocked drains too – give them a call if you find you can’t solve the problem yourself so that your drains can be flowing freely in no time. 

By Dyno

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