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Today I am sharing with you ShaveMob and let me tell you what, I was a bit scared when I opened up my brand new pink woman’s razor and pink blades to find out that these blades are six blade razors! After using these razors for a period of time now, I can honestly say I am in love and will continue to purchase razors from ShaveMob because their #ShaveSmarter slogan is so right. There are no recurring fees nor membership fees and you can save about 70% off premium shaving razors.


Let’s see, I am sure you want to know my experience with this product; how does one explain a shaved feeling or experience? Well for starters, it’s great to not have hairy man legs, even if it’s Winter and no one would really know except those who have to bear witness to the legs in my home if I wear shorts to bed. It’s only lady like to keep up with proper shaving and it’s best if men do so too because nothing is more handsome than a clean shaved man, even if he has some facial hair – keep it looking trimmed up there man.

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My legs feel so much smoother after I use The Perfectionist Shaver from ShaveMob, oh how I love that name.  There is a wide variety of razors for both  men and women on; such as the Purist and the Practical. I just love those names. Wonder how they came up with the names? Purist is a 4 blade razor and Practical is a 3 blade razor. I am a 6 blade razor person now with the Perfectionist though. In all reality it’s flexibility really helps me shave without cutting myself, something I am totally famous for doing.

There are options for men too; they have The Caveman with 6 blades, The Average Joe with 4 blades and the Baby Face with 3 blades.

Overall I think that these razors and blades will make the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season, I know I have already put a good word into Santa for more of the Perfectionist razor blades.

Check out for more details. Connect with ShaveMob on Twitter. Like ShaveMob on Facebook to interact and hear more about what they have going on!



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  1. Rosey (1068 comments) Reply

    The name alone is intriguing! πŸ™‚ Glad you found a shaver you like, I’m keeping my eyes open for them, curious to have a look!

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  3. Zach Randall (1 comments) Reply

    Thanks Brandy for sharing your opinion and experience about ShaveMOB. We were thrilled to hear you loved the Perfectionst. Our combination of price and quality is hard to beat. As a token of our appreciation, we wanted to extend an offer code to your audience! Enter CINTHEMOB for $1 off a purchase. Being part of a MOB never felt so rewarding.

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