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The holiday season hit about one day after Halloween, companies took no haste in advertising for your holiday shopping desires. Getting a head start on grabbing your children’s attention; I want this, I want that, for every single toy commercial out there. It seems commercials are in high mode for hitting those on our holiday shopping gift list already. Excedrin Extra Strength understands that holidays can bring on headaches for many families, between the cost of holiday gift giving to the expenses incurred when traveling to see family, it’s no wonder you may be left feeling a bit down. That is why today I get to share with you some awesome news, a giveaway for a chance to win a $1o0 American Express Gift Card to alleviate some of your holiday headache.

candy canes

Just the smells of the holiday season can kick a headache into full gear, I know the candle smells and that holiday smell of the season can really get my nose going and then my head pounding. The best ways to avoid headaches during the holiday season provided by Dr. Keri Peterson, M.D. are:

  • Stick to your regular routine.  Eating, sleeping and exercising as you do the rest of the year can help reduce the chances of getting a headache/migraine. *
  • Manage your time and plan ahead. Coordinate plans and responsibilities in advance with relatives and friends, compose set menus when hosting a party and try to purchase gifts early so you’re not rushing at the last minute*
  • Stay in ventilated spaces. As you browse through the mall, watch out for those scented candles or perfume if you are sensitive to smells**
  • Eat and drink in moderation. Eat, drink, and be merry, but try not to consume sweets or alcoholic beverages in excess, as they could trigger headaches **

I do get headaches around the holiday season but it’s not due to extra stress for shopping, as I am not a huge shopper. You see, I believe in the holidays being more about cherishing the extra time with your family, making memories and enjoying each other. I don’t raise my children to think that gifts are what it’s all about, it’s not a mindset I want instilled into the children. With that being said, I do get some presents for my children and Santa delivers a bit too, it’s just not overkill is all.

What does get my head pounding during this time of year?? Those smelly holiday scents in the stores and at people’s homes. Cinnamon, apple, pumpkin spice and all of those traditional holiday scents just get my head pounding! Sure the scents smell amazing at first and in fact a bit yummy but the issue is that long term exposure to such scents just gives my head an ache. I try my best to stay away from super smelly places but it’s not easy this time of year!

Excedrin Extra Strength knows your pain and really can’t wait to help alleviate the headache with a chance to win a $100 American Express Prepaid Gift Card. Yes, it’s true, Excedrin Extra Strength cares!

With all of the stress that can come with the holidays, the makers of Excedrin® are hoping to help alleviate some! Visit Facebook.com/Excedrin between November 1, 2013 and January 1, 2014 to enter the “Take a Holiday from Headaches” sweepstakes, where you’ll be eligible for a chance to win daily prizes including gift cards to popular retailers and one lucky grand prize of $25,000 to help with shopping, travel and other holiday expenses – all of which can give anyone a headache. Official rules for “Take a Holiday from Headaches” can be read here.

Enter for Chance to win ONE $100 American Express Prepaid Gift Card

Below is your chance to enter to win.

One person will be randomly selected as a winner  of one $100 American Express Gift Card from the entries using the Rafflecopter form below.

Giveaway Starts today and ends 12am EST on November 27, 2013. Open to USA only. Winner will be announced live on site and emailed directly. Winner shall have 48 hours from announcement post and email to claim prize otherwise another random winner shall be chosen using the random generator through Rafflecopter. ** one entry per person, while you can tweet once per day, all other entries are ONE TIME per PERSON. 

Using the Rafflecopter form below is easy; use name/email to log in or Facebook for login. Rafflecopter will not use your email or access for anything other than giving me a way to contact you should you be the randomly chosen winner! Winner will have 48 hours to claim prize or another person will be randomly selected.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*source Cleveland Clinic

**source Headaches.org

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Written by brandyellen

Brandy is a born and raised New Hampshire resident who loves to spend extra time laughing & smiling with her three children. Brandy runs multiple blogs & she loves to tweet daily and ramble on Facebook. Author, with her daughter, of Positive Girl - The Power of Your Thoughts Question about this post or something found within it? Read my Disclosure Policy as well as Terms of Use.

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  1. kim (104 comments) Reply

    I would love to win this for the holidays this would be a really big help

  2. Starr Greenwell (4 comments) Reply

    Thank you so much for this great giveaway opportunity. Have a great day.

  3. Beth Hill (6 comments) Reply

    I get horrible stress induced headaches, would love to try this.

  4. Rosey (973 comments) Reply

    I just got a bottle of Extra Strength Excederin for my purse yesterday. That’s the one that works best for my migraines (even better than the migraine formula, lol, silly but true).

  5. Cynthia C (85 comments) Reply

    Winning this would put a dent in my holiday shopping. Thanks for the chance.

  6. Jackie (48 comments) Reply

    Thanks so much for the post and giveaway! I always get stress headaches around the holidays.

  7. Kathleen (26 comments) Reply

    I will definitely be needing plenty of Excedrin this holiday season, the boys go a little crazy this time of year.

  8. carol (64 comments) Reply

    this would help me with my holiday shopping…thanks for the great giveaway

  9. Jessica Lee (1 comments) Reply

    Great Giveaway! Thank you for the chance! Could really use this for Christmas!

  10. Betsy Barnes (5 comments) Reply

    Hoe you’re having a wonderful weekend! Thank you for the giveaway :)

  11. Betsy Barnes (5 comments) Reply

    I subscribed RSS feed to your email AND My Yahoo as pinktaz60(at)hotmail(com) :)

  12. carol roberts clark (4 comments) Reply

    would this be awesome yes it would thank you for the chance

  13. Michelle C (23 comments) Reply

    I’m a big fan of Excedrin! It always helps my headaches.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  14. Annmarie W. (92 comments) Reply

    I thankfully don’t get headaches ofte, but I do especially like Excedrin’s Back & Body! Helps to relieve aches & pains in my back!

  15. Cindy Merrill (10 comments) Reply

    I have got to try this one, sounds like the product is effective.

  16. Shelly (33 comments) Reply

    As much as I love the holiday season, a lot of the smells give me a headache! specially those cinnamon brooms and candles. Thanks for the chance :-)

  17. Davi Haug (1 comments) Reply

    American Express….don’t leave home without it, or you may need Excedrin!

  18. Mary Somerville (3 comments) Reply

    This giveaway would definitely help the holiday headaches- Thank You!

  19. Heather Hayes Panjon (7 comments) Reply

    Great Giveaway! Thanks For The Chance! Happy Holidays!

  20. Kimberly Kihega (1 comments) Reply

    Thanks for the giveaway! It would help out with Christmas greatly!

  21. Deb C (13 comments) Reply

    With a $100 gift card, a holiday headache might be a little less likely.

  22. Stephanie Larison (17 comments) Reply

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll definitely be needing some excedrin spending so much time with family, lol. Love that drives you crazy for sure.

  23. ReggieMann (21 comments) Reply

    Excedrin Extra Strength is my go to for headaches
    So glad it is back on the shelf!

  24. tammy shelton (1 comments) Reply

    An American Express card would make some headaches disappear!

  25. Geoff K (75 comments) Reply

    This would be very helpful for paying for gas on our upcoming holiday road trips, which would definitely be a headache reducer!

  26. Heather B (13 comments) Reply

    I would really like to give this a try I have daily headaches and migraines several times a week

  27. Amanda Sakovitz (111 comments) Reply

    thank you for this giveaway! This would be amazing to win!

  28. Thomas Murphy (27 comments) Reply

    I Subscribe to Happily Blended via email as rounder9834 @yahoo.com

  29. Jill Myrick (92 comments) Reply

    Thank you for the giveaway.
    I would love to win.


  30. Tanya White (12 comments) Reply

    Thank you and the sponsor for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway

  31. Sharon (42 comments) Reply

    Thanks for a wonderful Giveaway! Excedrin works when nothing else will!

  32. Mary Cloud (7 comments) Reply

    Great contest – I love Excedrin – it’s the only thing that helps my headaches

  33. Vikki Billings (33 comments) Reply

    I use excedrin when I get a bad headache and it has always helped. Thanks for the giveaway!

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