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Today I share with you another app, an Android doll house game for girls on Google Play store. Just what my kids needed, another app, right? Well they do. These days it’s great to have a wide range of apps on your Android device so that your children can 1) learn technology for both fun and educational ways and 2) have a wide range of apps to engage them. I know long car rides are great places to let the kids go app crazy, with a two hour drive to Maine during our Summer trips, apps save us from a headache!

Dolls House

My Doll House Game is a great way to encourage your child’s creativity, what fun it is to watch them as they design and build a house on their own. Watch their face light up as they beam with pride for creating an amazing, beautiful home on My Doll House Game App. As a mother to a daughter who loves to design various things; mainly clothing, she loves this app where she can arrange flowers, furniture, carpet and more to her specifications.

There are 30 houses to choose from and as you collect smiles along the game you are able to unlock more houses and categories. If you prefer to buy smiles, instead of earning them, that’s an option too. I personally never buy extras like that for my children in their apps, I’m mean and make them work for it 😉

My dolls House Android App

If you are persistent you will find that some of these things do things when they are tapped! I know with so many hundreds of extras to put inside your house, this keeps the kids busy building and creating. The kids will love it so much they will want “just one more minute” when you tell them it’s time to shut off electronics! At least that’s how my kids are.

I personally think you should check out this app because when an app like this, that encourages such creativity is free, it’s so worth checking out Android doll house game for girls on Google Play store

If you download this to your Android device please come back and tell me what you thought of it! I would love to hear what other children say about this app!

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  1. This is so fun, I loved playing with Colorforms as a kid (Remember those?) and this kinda reminds me of that. I would have played that for hours if Android devices had existed in the 80s/90s, LOL!

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