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Today I am sharing an app for your Android device that can assist in allowing you to lose the weight you are looking to lose. Having a personal Diet Coach at the tip of your fingers is really a great idea and in this technologically driven world, it’s easy to find an app for that. My Diet Coach II – Pro is a paid app {$3.99} but there is also a free version of My Diet Coach II for those who would like to test it out first.

Diet screen 1

First, upon installation of My Diet Coach II – Pro you will see a screen like the one above. from here you can go on to set your goal. Maybe you want to lose 30 pounds in six months to be ready for our next round of Summer or maybe you want to lose weight now to make room for the holiday season coming up. In all honesty, I usually see people looking to lose weight after the holiday season. It’s all a matter of what you are looking to reach for a personal goal. Remember that a goal should be realistic and attainable.

Diet screen 2

You will have a screen for challenges where you can edit or keep what My Diet Coach II – Pro has already listed there. I have my challenges set to 8 glasses of water, three meals and Park my Car Far Away. It’s easy for me to reach most of these first challenges I have set because I usually do drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day, I always eat at least three meals a day and I usually park my car further away from the door to any store I am visiting. It’s just how I live. Once I reach these first set of goals I plan to adjust the goals to push myself further, that’s the whole point in setting goals, is to reach them but also to continue to ensure you are being challenged.

There are rewards in the app for reaching your goals and you can have the app set up to remind you of your goals as well as challenges if you like.

About My Diet Coach II – Pro

Anat began developing My Diet Coach II after realizing that any diet plan utilized worked only about two weeks and left binge eating as the reward. One day Anat wished that a Genie would just come and hold their hand to keep dieting on track, that is when My Diet Coach II was created and offers the following features:

  • offers to copy repetitive meals and exercises to other days.
  • has integrated reminders that opens up the Journal and Weight Chart, all you have to do is open up the notification and check your next meal or exercise.
  • remembers foods and meals you have already logged.
  • allows you to take photos of eaten foods and log later.
  • has a widget that can allow you to log everything right from the home screen of your device.
  • has one diary page for logging both meals and exercises.

Overall this is a great way to have a free or pro paid version diet partner that will assist you in reaching your dieting goals. I have tried other apps in the past and this is the one that seems to be the most straight forward and user friendly.

Download My Diet Coach II – Pro today on Android or try out My Diet Coach II free version to see why I am loving this app so much. Be sure to leave a comment telling me what you think of this app too!

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