Breaking the Smoking Habit for Good

Finally, you are coming around to the idea of stopping smoking. After countless cigarettes, empty pockets and a distinct aroma that has surrounded you for some time you are beginning to understand that this habit just isn’t nice. But, lets be real for a second here, just because you want to quit doesn’t mean that it’s actually going to happen.

Giving up the habit is far from easy it’s not simply a case of never lighting up a cigarette again. You will go through strong cravings, mood swings, quitting smokingand a pining for something that you previously enjoyed, even though it was slowly killing you. The most important thing to remember is that however difficult it may be to begin with you can do it, you are able to beat the habit and you will begin to see the health benefits 20 minutes after you put down the fags.

So what should you do if you really want to beat the habit for good?

Going cold turkey is simply not an option and this is one of the reasons why so many people fail and go back to the cigarettes. There are aids designed to help you, whether you need to satisfy cravings with an electronic cigarette or miss having something to hold like an e-shisha from Shishee. There are patches, gum, tablets, inhalators a whole host of things that can help you.

The chances of long term abstinence for smokers who try to go it alone is less than 5% yet with a little help smokers are 35% more likely to beat the habit, according to a medical report.

You can’t truly beat a habit until you have understood it. Why do you smoke? Why do you want to give up? Think about all the downsides of smoking such as the high costs, the disgusting smell and most importantly what it does to your health. You are risking your life for what reason? Because there is actually very little that you gain from smoking.

As much as you need support from non-smoking aids, you will need support from those around you. If you make people aware of what you are trying to do then they will be able to deter you from stating again and will boost your willpower with words of encouragement. They will also understand when you dodge the pub for a few weeks to prevent temptation.

Make sure you remove every smoking related item from your home immediately. All lighters, ashtrays, cigarette packets, anything that reminds you or worse could tempt you. A good spring clean will rid the home of the cigarette smell too.

Exercise is one of the best ways to beat the habit, it not only occupies your mind but relieves the stress and anxiety that comes with giving up the cigarettes.

Anything else?

Avoiding trigger situations is obvious. Don’t go outside with friends or colleagues who smoke, as this will encourage you to have a crafty one. Socialising can also be a grey area and consider steering clear until you are feeling stronger. This also falls in with the idea of changing your routine, if you normally get up, make a coffee and have a cigarette then switch things up and wake up, shower and then have a coffee. You will quickly establish a new routine and forget about the habit in the process.

Most important don’t give up. Stay focused on your goal and give yourself little treats with the money you are saving from not buying cigs. It really will be worth it when you aren’t coughing like a pensioner!

Amanda Walters – This article was written by Amanda Walters, an experienced freelance writer and regular contributor to Huffington Post. Follow her here: @Amanda_W84


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