Working From Home: My Thoughts and Advice

There are many times when my friends on Facebook ask about my working from home. They love seeing how I get compensated to try new things, to cover events and to simply write working from home. It’s difficult for me to push working from home in any way other than simply being honest. What I do, I have been doing since 2006, granted the majority of what I do to earn income started in 2008. With that being said, this is no quick income money making business, there involves a lot of hard work, many late night hours to meet deadlines and some times it requires getting over writers block because no matter how “stuck” you are; your clients expect you to have results for them.

Working from home in the way I do, with blogging on blogs, takes practice, takes a love of writing (readers can hear the passion behind your text words & without passion many won’t read on), a dedication to working even when you see your bed there all warm and cozy, a motivation to get to your desk or laptop on couch and work even when you were up all night with the kiddos. Working from home takes a certain kind of personality type and character to really push through and succeed. On another note; success is based on individual’s definition of the word. Some may want to work from home to replace a full time income, some may be happy making a small income to assist in just paying the grocery portion of bills in the household. I feel I am successful with what I do working from home, others may not feel the same. That’s okay.

Regardless of what your own personal definition of success is; if you are truly interested in working from home in a blogging sort of way, then you need to read on and hear me out on exactly how frustrating being a blogger can be but also how rewarding it can be if you stick with it.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Blogging doesn’t Earn Income Right Away

While many see what I do now and are in awe, it took me a couple of years to get to the point where people were paying me more than a few bucks here and a few bucks there. It took at least two years to be recognized in what I do as well as to have the ranking and decent social media outreach for any business to want to work with me.

Blogging is Easy, All I do is Get Online, Log in and Write About My Life/Passion/Niche Topic

While blogging without trying to earn income is really easy for many, I am sure, if you are looking to start a personal blog that in turn will spin you some income, then there is more to it than just writing. You should become familiar with SEO (search engine optimization), y0u should become familiar with social media networking and become familiar with sales. In all reality you want to “sell” your content so that businesses will want to “purchase” content or ad space on your site. So that businesses will seek you out from the huge crowd of bloggers and feel paying you is worth every cent of their marketing efforts. There is a lot of education behind blogging, I say start with blogging for beginners books on that will assist you in moving forward.  You may also search out articles online to get educated in this topic.

You Must Offer Something Special to Your Blog Writing

While you can certainly get online, start a blog for free and write about anything your heart desires; that doesn’t mean that people will actually be interested, that doesn’t mean that you will start making money. You have to have a sort of “twist” to your writing, your life, your blog site design even. It’s all about appealing to your target audience; freshen up on some sales skills. You see, I have direct sales experience from the two years prior to blogging so I am all about pushing sales, for bloggers – their blog is their “product” and they must present it and push it in a way that makes income. Learn how to pull out you inner creativity, there is something that makes each of us unique, you just have to find it and utilize that on your blog.

I can Quit my Out of Home Job and Work Full Time Blogging

This is true. Not for everyone, but it can be true for many. I go back to my first paragraphs of this blog post; success is defined differently by different people. What income level works for me and makes me happy – may not work for everyone else. While bloggers can make a ton of money with what they do, it all depends on what their niche is and how well they write & present their blog. For me, there are days I can make $500 in just a few short hours, then there are days where I make $0, then there are days where I make $200 for an hour or two of work each day of the week. It all depends on the market, what people are looking for and what motivation I have behind my work that day. You have to sell your blog, you can’t sit back and wait for people to approach you.

The Moral of My Story?

Working from home as a blogger is a fantastic idea, it is both challenging and rewarding. Being a blogger may have been the best decision in my life, second to being a mother. With that being said; even my Mom always said “you should write a book” because writing was simply something in my blood from day one. Writing is not in everyone’s blood, they  may like to write but if you are not passionate about writing then blogging will not earn you want you wish it to make. When working from home, you must be doing something that you absolutely love and are 100% passionate about or else it will not be as successful as you wish it to be. When you work from home, as a blogger, you have to learn how to adjust your budget to a non-steady form of income, something I still struggle with nearly five years later. The months I make a lot I don’t budget properly and if I don’t make that same amount the following month I am left frustrated. If you are not good at budgeting money, then you may wish to wait a bit before quitting your “day job” and blogging.

I would highly encourage anyone who wants to start working from home as a blogger to research the topic a bit more, find the ins and outs of every area to do with blogging; such as SEO, social media marketing and finding your niche. Those are important to learn prior to jumping into this field of work from home adults. Another thing about working from home as a blogger; you have to maintain a certain level of positive attitude, some days you won’t make any money and that may seem discouraging but remember every article you put out there, every word you put out on Twitter and Facebook are being seen by someone somewhere, think positive, remember your goals and feel as if those goals will be met and they will.

Slowly work into the blogging field on the side, instead of jumping right into it. Talk to your husband or wife about your thoughts on this and see what may work as a family to assist you in gaining the work from home success you need as an individual and a family. Keep moving forward and I am here for any questions in the meantime!


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  1. I’ve been visiting your blog long before I was a blogger. Quite honestly I started out dabbling in contests here and there, liked that and started entering a lot of them. There were a few blogs I found while entering contests that really appealed to me and I stuck with them after I quit entering contests regularly (no time to enter much when you blog). Your blog is one of them. Your advice about genuine writing is spot on. I like it here because you’re real.

    It’s nice that you’re sharing your advice on working for a living.

  2. You’re spot on here, that’s for sure. Blogging takes a lot of dedication and sometimes forced creativity (I totally wrote a post and threw it out the window today) but over time and with a little skill it can be quite handy! I love being your friend!

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