Sibling Playtime: How to Combat the Inevitable Fights

Despite the blatant balking, once siblings are encouraged to play together, they will realise how much fun it can really be. The problem is trying to get them to play nicely without the inevitable squabbling, screaming and fighting.

As soon as another child enters your family, it’s up to you to encourage their older sibling to get involved. From the off, if they are included as much as possible, they will automatically build a bond with the new baby which will stand them in good stead for when they’re old enough to play together.

While little ones may not find the idea of sibling playtime appealing, especially if there’s a bit of an age gap between them, there are various ways in which to ensure the process runs smoothly rather than ending in fights.

Role Play Games

Encourage role play between them so that they can take it in turns to be who they want to be. Not only does it stimulate the imagination but it will also bring them closer together by making sure that they have plenty of fun.

Add a few role play toys to their toy selection if you haven’t already. Items such as the Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set that would be fabulous for younger children.

A well-stocked dressing up box will give siblings hours of pretend play opportunities too – you don’t have to spend a lot on fancy costumes either; there’s plenty in your wardrobe that could be added to their chest full of goodies!

Messy Play

Make some time for some creative play together. Having a draw packed full of arts & crafts materials, such as play dough, paints and pipecleaners will encourage them to sit and spend time together creating their own little masterpieces (and making a mess while they’re at it!)


It may be an extremely loose term for what young children do in the garden, but there’s nothing better than enjoying the outdoors together. Whether it’s helping you to plant vegetable seeds or you leave them to their own devices with a trowel and a watering can, the last thing they’ll do is fight – they’ll be far too busy getting muddy and digging up worms!


A perfect activity for a rainy day, baking can bring families together. Your children can all have their own responsibilities and they can help eachother to make some fabulously delectable goodies. These sorts of activities help with cognitive development, language and social interactions – perfect for siblings to get together and enjoy eachother’s company.

By providing plenty of options for games and activities that will include all of the children in the home, you will be able to reduce the chance of any sibling rivalry that could exist and will have a nice, calm (and probably still not quiet) home.

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