Mother and Daughter Homecoming Painted Nails

Homecoming was a couple of weeks ago in my town and with that came my example of trying to show school spirit, because again I will say “a child learns through example of the parent/guardians”. If I don’t get into the spirit of school and show my own school spirit, chances are my children would not either. The best way I figured out how to share school spirit with my daughter on this particular day before she marched in the Homecoming Parade with fellow cheerleaders?

Homecoming Nails

Paint our nails. Orange, Black and White are the school colors – home of the Tigers. I wasn’t going to do the white, because well that’s boring. The orange and black though? Now that sounded like a great idea. I ventured out to the local Rite Aid and picked up a couple cheap bottles of nail polish so that I could have a mother/daughter finger nail painting session that evening.

Beautiful Nails

While I have nails, my daughter bites hers. I can’t blame her, I had the same habit up until I became a Mom. Some point in my motherhood years I simply stopped biting my nails. I know my daughter will eventually stop her biting habit, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a mother/daughter finger nail painting session now, with her lack of nails.

Black and Orange Nails

We were really happy with our results and it was a fun bonding experience while we discussed school, boys, friends and cheerleading.

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  1. They’re cute! My son’s school just had a PTO fundraiser selling shirts. I briefly thought of getting them for the fam., but didn’t. Your post makes me kind of wish I had!

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