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Today I get to share the Home Collection by Post-it Brand Scotch Brand, a new collection available exclusively at The Container Store.  I have a bad, bad memory. The family knows very well how much Mom needs to be reminded of various events going on and appointments. Normally a calendar has worked to assist in memory jogging but as of late, I have required more help. With the Post-it Reminder Tags and Scotch Restickabe Strips, my daughter can set a note on my pocket book or near coffee machine so that I will seriously see it without any extra effort on my part. While this may not seem like a great thing to have to have; it works for us and everyone, including myself, has accepted my memory is not worth anything.

The Post-it Reminder Tags have adhesive on one end to loop notes around bag handles, backpacks and more. The Post-it Shopping Organizer allows me to be better on running errands with focus. I have never been diagnosed with any attention deficit issues but it’s clear the older I get, and the more that gets placed on my plate – the more my brain loses focus. These Post-it Home Collection products can really assist people to be more organized and keep on track!

Post-it Scotch Restickable Strips

I found a great use for Scotch Restickable Strips; placing art work and pictures that magnets were hiding parts of on the fridge. With Scotch Restickable Strips I am able fully showcase the pictures and art work I have on my fridge for all company to view. The Scotch Display Frames would work well for this same purpose, I just happen to prefer the strips.

Post-it View and Go Pockets

The Post-it View and Go Pockets really assist me in staying organized in my home office; while these can be used for the average home owner to host bills and school notices, I use them for PR contacts. Each day I get a new product in the mail, more often than not the press releases were being placed up on my “review shelf” with the product boxes until I was scheduled to get that review completed. With the Post-it View and Go Pockets, I can have the Press Releases right there on my desk to remind me of what I need to review and get done each work day.

There are so many uses for the new Post-it Home Collection brought to you by both Post-it brand and Scotch Brand, head over to Post-it.com/home and have a look around. What product(s) would make your life more organized?

Free Product

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