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The evening starts off with dinner, because I was told I must feed my children, it’s like part of the parental rules they say. After dinner the bedtime routine begins, yes I said routine. Apparently someone thought it would be hilarious to provide me; a free spirit, just “wing it” sort of person, with two boys who thrive on routines. While it’s difficult to find the humor in that, I do my best. Once the boys are fast asleep in their beds and my oldest is tucked in; the house becomes silent for the first time since the children woke that morning. This silent time is when I look for ways to entertain myself, to get that comic relief needed after keeping the kids on track for their bedtime routine. With that being said, I have finally found the perfect #MotherFunny entertainment for that first part of my silent evening;

Not only did I find some funny videos over on Nickelodeon NickMom site, but I found some fun images that share “What Do Your Shoes Really Say About You” and “What Does your Snack offering Say About You”.  Today I want to talk about what my snack offering says about me;

what-your-snack-offering-article #shop

What the NickMom survey with snack offering says about me is this; I’m one confusing mother! There are times I offer gummy worms after school, why? Just for the reason this says “I want my kids to like me”. I am guilty of wanting the boys to just be happy after school so yes if that means stopping by the convenience store to get gummy worms simply to avoid that after school headache from my sons, I will do it!

what-your-snack-offering-article #shop

I am also that Ants on a Log Mom, however, that snack offering was a total fail in this household. The kids just looked at me as if I had three heads …

“Here are some ants on a log guys. It’s yummy. You will like it.” Their reply was “Uh Mama that’s celery, peanut butter and raisins”

 Overall, if I had to chose one snack offering as my norm based on this NickMom image article, I would say I am the Real Fruit snack offering. I have to get creative with the real fruit offering for my youngest child though. Kiwi? No. Apples? When he feels like it. Pineapples? When he feels like it. You see, my youngest child’s eating habits of actual fruit are dependent upon his mood in that particular moment.

MotherFunny NickMom Shop #shop

I genuinely care for my children is what my snack offering says about me. I wonder, what does your snack offering say about you? Head on over to and have a peek for yourself. Also be sure to tune into the Nick Jr channel every Sunday at 10pm ET to watch NickMom on TV.

Don’t forget to follow @nickmom and Like NickMom on Facebook so that you too can have silent time entertainment for that #MotherFunny inside of yourself too!

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  1. Mine totally depends on the day. Sometimes they don’t get a snack at all and it’s because they didn’t eat their breakfast or lunch and they don’t get anything else to eat until the next meal. Sometimes it says I don’t give a rip, and other days it says we had a few extra dollars this month and we shopped at Whole Foods. 🙂


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