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Each Friday through October our town has a farmer’s market and the children love when I take them to wander around looking at all of the vendors, as well as to take a ride on the train that is there.

Fun at Farmers Market in NH

After we had our visit at the Farmer’s Market, my youngest asked if I would take him to the park later. My middle child was all set on that idea and grumbled that he didn’t want to go. We headed home and let my middle child settle in at home with my boyfriend while I took the oldest and youngest to the park, alongside pet Wormie who was introduced yesterday to you all.

Happy Children

The two kiddos had a blast at the park. I love that in the pictures I took I could see a genuine smile and I can also see the true happiness behind their eyes. Can you see that too? Well, okay the youngest is a punk but he still appears happy!

Acrobat son

This evening was a reminder of just how often it is needed, in this busy world, to let go of work and responsibilities and just have fun with the children. Our evening at the park was full of such laughter, smiles and amusements that I could feel my heart fill up with nothing but love and admiration for my children.

Tween Daughter is Awesome

We just have so much going on in our family unit that sometimes it’s easier to stay home and just move with the motions. I think that this evening at the park did wonders for us as a family unit; it reminded the children that, while busy, Mama still knows how to make time for them and get down to kid levels! It also reminded me that doing this more often would be good for my soul.

I laughed so hard that evening, more so than I have done in a long time. It’s about time I started to make more time again. Family is all we have when everything else is lost.

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