How to Eliminate Bed Bugs Without Chemicals

Bed bugs are often picked up in hotels and other holiday accommodation. Image
Bed bugs are often picked up in hotels and other holiday accommodation. Image

Over the last few years, bed bugs have returned with a vengeance. Formerly a health hazard rarely seen outside of history books, these blood-sucking bugs are starting to reappear in major cities such as London, New York City and San Francisco.

Unlike other common household pests, bed bugs are notoriously difficult to defeat with common sprays and chemicals. Because of this, it’s often more effective to get rid of these frustrating bloodsuckers using natural solutions.

These four techniques have been provided by – a global expert in clean, comfortable mattresses. Before you turn to chemical treatments, give them an attempt to fight away these annoying household pests the natural way.

                                       1.     Clean bedding and clothing in very hot water

 Bed bugs feed on your blood during the night and tend to love either inside or close to your bed. Strip your bed of all fabric and wash it at the highest heat setting to kill off these annoying pests.

Dry your bed sheets and pillowcases and check them for bed bugs. You should also clean your pyjamas and any clothes that are stored close to your bed, as bed bugs can easily travel from your bed into nearby wardrobes and coat pockets.

Do not put your sheets back on the bed until you’ve been able to carry out the next step – cleaning your bedroom and bedframe.

                                         2.     Vacuum everything in the affected bedrooms

 Bed bugs are tiny creatures that can hide in even the smallest of spaces. Because of this, you’ll have better luck attacking them with a vacuum cleaner than you will with the typical ‘search and destroy’ pest removal methods.

Strip down your bedroom and vacuum every space that bed bugs could inhabit. This means your cupboards and shelving, your wardrobe, and even small spaces between different pieces of furniture.

                                      3.     Replace infested mattresses and bedding

 Once bed bugs have moved into your mattress, it’s virtually impossible to eliminate them naturally. If you can see bed bugs moving around in your mattress (check near the seams and under the sticker) it’s generally worth buying a new one.

 Check your bedframe for bugs, as they will often turn small cracks and crevices into their residence. Bedframes can generally be de-bugged using a vacuum cleaner and heat treatment, while mattresses generally need to be completely replaced.

                                         4.     If all else fails, try a bed bug heat treatment

 If you’ve carried out all of the steps above but still can’t beat the bed bug threat, you might benefit from a home heat treatment. Professional pest removal companies can heat up your home to an extreme temperature that kills bed bugs within minutes.

 Speak to a professional before you consider a heat treatment, as some furniture can be affected by the equipment. Heat treatment should be a last resort that’s reserved for bed bug infestations that refuse to disappear.

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