10 Timesaving Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Avoid creating a messy kitchen with these timesaving kitchen tips.
Avoid creating a messy kitchen with these timesaving kitchen tips. Image

Keeping your kitchen clean is essential for maintaining a productive, healthy, and comfortable home. From scrubbing the counter to sorting the dishes, simple tasks are often all it takes to keep your kitchen fresh and tidy in any situation.

To help you clean your kitchen quickly and easily, Tile Depot has put together ten simple kitchen cleaning tips:

                             1. Keep a ‘clean anything’ towel

Nothing is worse than having to clean up a nasty mess with a clean towel. Keep a ‘clean anything’ towel in your kitchen that can be used for cleaning up messes and wash it every other day.

                           2. Wash dishes as soon as they’re used

When dishes pile up, it can be very easy to put off cleaning them for another day. If you use a dish, clean it – or, if you have a dishwasher, store it on the rack – as soon as you’ve finished using it to avoid letting dishes pile up and cause a mess.

                          3. Seal and sort cooking ingredients

Cooking ingredients that aren’t completely sealed can attract ants, cockroaches, and other nasty insects. Seal your cooking ingredients in zip-lock bags and keep them in your cupboards to prevent insects from taking over your kitchen.

                        4. Keep your fridge clean and tidy

A dirty fridge quickly leads to a dirty kitchen. Spray down your fridge with diluted cleaning spray every weekend and remove any food that’s expired. Old vegetables and leftovers can quickly turn a clean fridge into a stinky mess.

                        5. Keep a spray bottle on hand

Keep a spray bottle filled with diluted kitchen cleaner available at all times to help you clean up spillages and everyday mess. Diluted cleaning liquid won’t cause any damage to your countertop, but will still remove sticky substances with ease.

                      6.Wash your oven and microwave frequently

Messy cooking can quickly turn a white microwave into a warzone. Clean both your oven and your microwave on a frequent basis using cleaning solutions, or just water mixed with lemon juice.

                       7. Create a dish-washing roster

Does your family use enough dishes to need a fresh wash every single day? Create a roster and get your children involved in the kitchen cleaning process. Simple kitchen jobs are the perfect tasks for kids to complete in exchange for pocket money.

                    8. Young children? Keep chemicals out of reach

 Make sure your kitchen chemicals are stored in a secure cupboard, or in a drawer that’s high enough to be inaccessible to children. When you clean your kitchen in a hurry, it’s easy to misplace chemicals that could be hazardous to kids.

                    9. Cover pans whenever you’re cooking

The best way to keep your kitchen clean is to avoid creating any mess in the first place. Try covering pots and pans when you’re cooking to prevent sauces or meat juice from splashing all over your stovetop.

                    10. Invest in a reliable backsplash

A good backsplash will prevent bubbling pots and pans from causing stains to form on your kitchen wall. Choose high quality tiles for your backsplash to create a useful kitchen accessory that’s also remarkably stylish.

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  1. I always love when my husband cooks, EXCEPT for the mess. He does not know how to use a lid, and if it’s spaghetti sauce, oy!!

    You’ve got good tips here!

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