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15 thoughts on “I keep Saying Let’s Rent a Camper”

  1. We thought about doing this but we wanted to drive all the way to Florida to meet my parents for spring break. When my husband crunched all the numbers with gas and lodging he found out that it would be less expensive to fly all seven of us out to Florida than drive a rented RV out there.

    1. Maybe it depends on just how far the journey is, and whether you can snap up a really cheap airfare. Have you tried Pretty good! But the site mentioned by Brandy, Drivenow, seems to offer some pretty sweet campers at decent prices.

    2. I hear you. It would totally depend on where you were looking to get the campervan from as well as the length of journey. I think for us, it’s a 24 hour or less drive to Florida, so I would totally go that route and make it a fun road trip for the kiddos! But California? That would be more of a road trip for adults only or airfare would make sense. Thanks for your comment Cascia!

  2. My aunt and uncle, their three grown daughters and families all go camping regularly in the summer. The other daughter who lives out of state just came to visit my aunt and uncle and her sisters all brought their campers over and parked in the yard to stay and visit. I thought that was fun/funny. 🙂

    I’m not a big camper, but prolly cuz I’ve got a tent budget, instead of a camper one. 😉

    1. That sounds like a lot of fun actually, a group camper van trip. Would be a really interesting way of running a group trip, and honestly, probably also one hell of a party! Not sure how hard it would be to find parking for everyone though, haha!

    2. That is really neat!! I have never camped in a camper, but one thing I want to do, guess you can say this is on my bucket list is to take a long road trip with or without my kids (when they get older) to experience other states beyond New England area. There are so many campervans out there too Rosie, some are as if you are in a house! lol Thanks for your comment Rosey!! Always enjoy what you have to say!

  3. When the kids were younger we use to tent. Now we live in cottage country so hardly ever go camping. However we have been talking about renting a motor-home to drive cross country.

    1. I think that is a great idea, driving cross country would be an experience of a lifetime for the kids. A great family trip idea!

    1. Never been camping? Oh no. I must admit we have not taken the boys camper, ever. I am just too nervous unless they are in an RV of some sort that I could lock the doors on. lol

  4. My family is in the planning stages- hoping to drive an RV from our home in Ohio to the west coast and back next year. We love to travel and road trips are the best; especially when you have the flexibility stop and rest or eat whenever you feel like it. I love the freedom that comes from traveling that way.

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