Always Looking for Online Games for the Family

Work From Home MomMy seven year old absolutely loves to play on the computer, this is a big change from my video game addict. You see, I haven’t purchased a video game in a long time so he only has games he has already finished. This means that as my seven year old gets extra time after school homework he wants to surf the web for free online games. I usually prefer to be the one using Google to search out safe online games that way I know he isn’t getting into any malware or infectious game websites that could crash our laptops.

It amazes me just how many neat online games are out there if only you use the search engines to find them. Meanwhile there are sites setup for you to navigate through them for the sole purpose to find online games. Some of the online games my seven year old son prefers are Sonic vs Mario, boys ninja games and other fighting games. These games my son likes to play online, as of late, are basic, generic java type games that do not use up too much of the video card usage. I love that he enjoys simple online games because it’s so much more difficult to set him up on the branded games that usually require a login and you must register an email.

Some games the other members in my family prefer to play online are things such as Tetris style games or Bejeweled or games that can be found online using our iPhone. We have three laptops in the home at this moment & one is a cheap “designated only for the kids” laptop, while most of the kids prefer mine or the boyfriend’s laptop, we try to push them to use the grey kids laptop.

The kids laptop is able to be used for searching out safe online games that are simple in nature, so for my seven year old it makes sense to push him to use the laptop we don’t care about as much, this way it doesn’t affect my personal laptop I use for business purposes as this time.  Prior to my seven year old using the laptops, I honestly never know there were so many online games available to play. I know when I have down time and the kids are at school I am usually taking a lunch break to search out a fun safe online game to play.

What types of online games does your family enjoy? How do you find such safe online games for your family to play on free time?

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