A Nice Visit With my Sister and Baby Niece Liv

I do not get to my sisters nearly enough as of late, gas prices increased and work in progress plus our Summer was a bit of craziness with the blending of families and well, the issues of not having a co-parent as easy to co-parent with as my kids are blessed to have with their Dads and me. Needless to say it’s been a jungle around here, but I do my best on our kid-free weekend to get over to my sister’s house to visit with her and her sweet baby girl Liv, or Livy as I usually call her.

Baby  Niece Sept 2013 (1)

My sister will tell me how much of a handful Livy is behind the scenes and as Lee and I walked up the path to my sisters we could hear Miss Livy screaming loudly but as soon as we walked in, oh she was all smiles and quiet as can be. I giggled, said “aww you are trying to prove your Mama a liar livy, aren’t you?!” and she half smiled. You see, Livy is a tad bit anxious when it comes to having visitors, usually it takes a bit for her to warm up to us. In the past she warmed up to Lee before me, so I always tell her her flirting buddy is here, Uncle Lee. It’s such a fun time when we meet to visit with my sister and the baby. Lee, my sister and I all have great laughs and conversations. I also get to get that baby fix in, because Lord knows we don’t need anymore children in this household. Or at least, I hope He knows.

Baby  Niece Sept 2013 (2)

We took a nice stroll outside where Livy showed us how much she doesn’t like having things on her head. Lee was able to get the hat on long enough for me to get a photo to share with our Aunt Michele on Facebook, as she is the one who made this hat for Livy. We had a great time hanging outside, listening to Livy babble like crazy. I have a few videos of her on my Instagram feed from our visit last weekend too.  It is always a nice time to see my sister be able to relax a bit while we take over keeping Livy occupied during our visit.

The plan is for me to visit my sister more often, like once a week so that her and Livy get used to me caring for Livy and allowing my sister more free time. My sister is just like every other Mom with a child, she needs and deserves a break for her mental health well being. I hope to offer that break and space for her to be able to calm her mind and stress levels.

On a side note; when do you think my niece will ever grow some hair? The poor girl is near bald. I want to put cute bows in her hair and braid her hair ….. miracle gro?

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  1. I know what you mean about gas prices,I haven’t been able to visit my cousin or mom because of them! Your little niece is so sweet! Her little bald head reminds me of my daughter, she didn’t grow hair until she was toddling around and it was very wispy. At almost 13 her hair still grows very slowly, poor kid! It’s so wonderful that you are helping your sister so much, that small break will surely refresh her!

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