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I am all for giving kids freedom, the freedom to make choices on their own but with the parent watching “in the background”. Some things in life are things our children are going to have to learn how to work with properly and one of those things that are vitally important, are email. A kid safe email account with parental controls/access “in the background” is very important to me and that is why I recently tested out a service called!

kids email

Kids Email is really easy to setup, basically you will go the website and click to sign up, they will have you feel out the parental details and then you get to fill out your child’s information. There is an option for more than one child on your one parental account too. The child can be chosen to be a “younger kid” or an “older kid” which means they will get different controls, looks and feels about the email account. I choose “older kid” as my daughter is familiar with email accounts & usage of email.

I love the parental features you can set and restrict things to, and get this, you can ground the child. There is an area where you can click to ground your child from their email which means they will not be able to access email. I love that idea too, not that my daughter is ever really grounded from such things as she is a well behaved child, but I am sure when she starts those teenager years she may have instances when I have to pull out the groundation card from things.

kids email time restrictions

The parental features for really help you to stay on top of when your child is allowed to check email, what type of email they can receive. You can limit what they are allowed to attach to outgoing emails and what is allowed to be attached to incoming emails. Another cool function is that you can have a copy of all outgoing and/or incoming emails be sent to you as well. This means you can heavily monitor your child’s email account without them feeling like you are constantly hounding over their account. I believe this is a great way to build trust between your child and you with them being allowed to have a “big kid” email account but also allows you to teach them at a young age how to properly deal with email.

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I started at a young age teaching my children about email and the internet because of my job, I have learned more than most of the average parents I have run into are aware of, so in turn I always try to take time to educate parents as well as child on how dangerous even an email account can be. You do not want your IP address received to a predator for your family or child, not at all. is a great way to encourage independent responsibility while still keeping a solid eye on things.

Now that I have shared details with you about this great kids email account option, I want to take a moment to share a bit about’s First Semi-Annual Young Author Competition. The winner of this competition shall have their book illustrated and published. Click here to learn more.

What do you think, would you use for your child to have a safe email account? Why or why not?

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